Vittoria Hora Evo shoes review£224.99

Well-ventilated road shoes for hot weather

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By tagging 'Evo' onto the name of their existing range-topping Hora road shoe, Vittoria are indicating that the changes are subtle rather than seismic. 

Aside from this new fluoro yellow colour (matt black is also available), modifications include a marginal drop in weight, large mesh panels and fresh graphics. The upper is made from the same microfibre material as the Hora, and the fastening mechanism is also carried over, combining a ratchet with Vittoria’s Micrometric cable closure.

The Vittoria Hora Evo road shoe is extremely comfortable, with no hot spots. The extra vents weren’t very welcome in current rainy UK conditions, but using them on an indoor trainer offered a taste of how airy they’ll be once (if) summer arrives. 

The super-stiff carbon sole is just 3mm thick, which is intended to give a better feeling in the pedal stroke. The thin sole should also keep the weight down, but at 719g (size 45) the Hora Evo is a middleweight, especially for a race shoe.

The single dial closure works well and stays in your chosen position without loosening mid-ride. Vittoria use a cable closure in the mid-foot, where there’s less pressure, and a tougher ratchet and strap across the top to do the harder job. 

But the ratchet has its own issues. We found that on occasions when we used overshoes, they applied enough pressure to actuate the ratchet release, undoing the shoe mid-ride. 

It’s quite an oversight; fine if you live and ride in Vittoria’s Italian homeland, but for more inclement climates it means the Hora Evos are strictly summer shoes. The screw that holds the ratchet mechanism in place also came loose on both shoes – so apply a dab of threadlock to sort this before you ride with them.

This article was originally published in Cycling Plus magazine, available on Apple Newsstand and Zinio.

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