Home Wrench: Dave Rome's workshop ramblings

Home Wrench  Dave Rome s workshop ramblings

Bicycle tools, workshop setup and general DIY advice

Our Australian editor, Dave Rome, is a self confessed tool nerd. His Home Wrench column exists as a small shout-out to fellow eager garage dwellers. Before turning to the media, Rome worked in numerous shops and as tech support in wholesale. With a personal cycle-focused tool collection accumulated over the past 12 years, and having found other like-minded tinkerers along the way, he's got plenty of little tricks and tips to share. 

Home Wrench is a monthly column covering the tools, tricks and idiosyncrasies of mechanics. This isn’t a ‘how to’ guide – workshops can be found elsewhere – but a collection of musings touching on Rome's love for bikes and the items that help keep them purring.

Follow Rome on Twitter at @dave_rome.

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