How to make a tubeless inflator

Save time and money with our do-it-yourself bead blaster

Get a tight seal when fitting tubeless tyres with our inflator hack

WARNING: First and foremost we’d like to remind you that this hack involves pumping 100psi of pressure into a homemade device; as a result it is potentially dangerous. Use eye-protection and proceed at your own risk.

Getting certain tyre and rim combinations to seal as part of a tubeless set-up can be a real pain. Often the limiting factor is that regular bike pumps can struggle to deliver the volume of air fast enough to form the required seal.

Step in this homemade tubeless inflator (or 'ghetto' tubeless inflator as it's frequently referred to on the forums) which, when made and used correctly, will save you time and money over expensive off the shelf solutions.

Formed from parts that many mountain bikers will have around the home, this device allows you to add, store and then release a high pressure blast of air to seat the bead and seal your set-up in seconds.

D.I.Y jobs such as this one aren’t for everyone and if you aren’t too fussed on saving the cash then there are already established tools for doing this same job. Bontrager’s Flash Charger TLR combination track pump is a great choice while a dedicated and cheaper solution is the Airshot tubeless inflator.

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