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Cheap action cameras for recording your bike adventures

Our picks of weatherproof, hard-wearing and cheap action cameras

Recording your commute or rough-terrain rides doesn’t have to burn a big hole in your wallet. 

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Buying a cheaper cycling camera may mean foregoing some of the most up-to-date features of the latest tech, but you can still get great 4K-quality footage and a gadget versatile enough to attach onto handlebars or fit subtly under your saddle. 

Budget action camera under £50

GoXtreme Pioneer 1080P Action Cam

GoXtreme Pioneer 1080P Action Camera budget action cameras
GoXtreme Pioneer 1080P Action Cam.

The GoXtreme Pioneer 1080P Action Cam is a small and simple 12MP camera that captures video at resolutions up to 4K/10fps. 

The camera takes both micro SDHC and microSD memory cards and has a 2in screen for framing and playback. 

What’s useful is the built-in WiFi, which connects to an app on your smartphone and can be used to transfer files without the need for a laptop – ideal for days when you’re off the beaten track. 

This cycling camera also comes with a range of mounts and a waterproof housing for up to 30m that will fit to your bike. 

AKASO EK7000 4K Sport Action Camera

AKASO EK7000 4K Sport Action Camera budget action camera 2020
AKASO EK7000 4K Sport Action Camera.

Despite being under £50, the AKASO 4K Ultra HD camera is wireless and waterproof up to 30m. 

It comes with a wireless remote control to wear on your wrist, and could be a particularly useful cycling camera for road riding if mounted under your saddle. 

Fully charged, it will shoot for up to 90 minutes, but helpfully there are two rechargeable batteries and a USB dual-battery charger. A good choice if you just need something for your commute. 

VanTop Moment 4 Action Camera 4K

VanTop Moment 4 Action Camera 4K budget action camera
VanTop Moment 4 Action Camera 4K.

For under £50, the VanTop gives you 20MP worth of image-quality for pictures and 4K/24fps for shooting video.

Frames are stabilised by an internal gyroscope with electronic image stabilisation to reduce wobbling when shooting over mountainous terrain. With a zero shutter speed lag guarantee, it sounds like a lot for your money here. 

Budget action camera under £100

Ezviz S2 Lite FHD 1080P 60FPS Sport Action Camera

Ezviz S2 Lite FHD Sport Action Camera, cheap action camera
Ezviz S2 Lite FHD Sport Action Camera.

Ezviz specialises in durable outdoor security cameras, so the 8MP touchscreen sports action camera should be able to deal with a range of elements. 

Waterproof up to 40m, it also has a low-light mode that adapts the frame-rate for optimal lighting – useful for early morning commutes or evening road rides. 


AKASI EK700 4K PRO Sport Action camera, budget action camera
AKASI EK700 4K PRO Sport Action camera.

This is a versatile action camera for the price. At just under £80, you get a 16MP photo capacity with image-stabilisation for capturing fast-moving videos on rough mountain routes in crisp 4K. 

The capture angles are adjustable from super-wide to narrow, while other features include a 2in IPS touchscreen and an upgraded case waterproof up to 131ft. This camera can also be controlled remotely from a watch on your wrist. 

Budget action camera under £150

Drift Ghost X

Drift Ghost X budget action camera
Drift Ghost X.

It’s always nice to have some variety when choosing a camera. The Drift Innovation Ghost is a 12MP weather-resistant modular sports-action camera that is claimed to shoot five hours of 1080p video in full HD. 

Although it’s above the £100 price point, the Drift is a 300-degree rotatable lens, which should be good for awkward mounting angles. 

Also, among its different functions is a clone mode that allows for simultaneous recording from linked cameras to enhance the production of your videos.

Olfi one.five Black

Olfi one.five black budget action camera
Olfi one.five Black.

If you like your slow-mo shots, the Olfi one.five has the option to shoot 720p/120fps video to capture all the fine detail of the action but slowed down. 

It also has a camera that provides 16MP-quality shots of your adventures, and it’s all stored on a 64GB SD card that’s included in the price. 

Budget action camera under £200


VEHO MUVI KX-1 4K, cheap action camera

The UK-designed VEHO action camera arrives in a rugged protective carry case, immediately giving the impression that it’s good for a rough ride. 

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The 12MP camera shoots in a range of modes including high-speed for fast downhill riding. But when it comes to video, you can share its 4K-high footage live through social media and make your mates jealous.