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Top waterproof bike covers for protecting your bike

Waterproof bike covers to protect your ride from the elements

Waterproof bike covers

Bikes are built to withstand whatever the weather can throw at them when you’re out and about, but protecting them from the elements the rest of the time is a great way to prolong their life.


If you don’t have a garage, bike shed or space to store your bike indoors, a waterproof bike cover can help prevent rust as well as offer UV, dust and scratch protection. We’ve rounded up ten bike covers to help you choose. 

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Waterproof bike covers: 10 to choose from

  • BikeParka The Stash Bike Cover: £22.95
  • Halfords Waterproof Multi Bike Cover: £20
  • B’Twin Protective Bike Cover: £14.99 
  • Beeway Multi Bike Cover: £13.99
  • Faireach Waterproof Bike Cover: £20.99
  • Raleigh Heavy Duty Nylon Bike Cover: £15.99 
  • Oxford Aquatex Single Bike Cover: £19.99 
  • Challenge Heavy Duty Bike Cover: £14.99
  • Topeak Bike Cover: £26.99 
  • Sport Direct Waterproof Bike Cover: £18.28

BikeParka The Stash Bike Cover

Waterproof bike covers
Weighing just 400g, you can scrunch this into a bag and take it with you.
  • 205cm (L) x 125cm (H) and will fit handlebars up to 60cm wide

The BikeParka is toggle adjustable so can be shaped to fit the bike beneath it. It also has an elasticated wheel fit. Eyelets offer the opportunity to secure the cover with a padlock. 

A PU coating and taped seams are features that help to make it watertight while also offering UPF50+ protection. Once you’re ready to hit the road, the BikeParka has its own Stuff Sac and the whole thing weighs just 400g, so won’t add too much bulk if you want to take it with you to protect your bike at work

Halfords Waterproof Multi Bike Cover 

Halfords Multi Waterproof Bike Cover, waterproof bike covers
Waterproof protection for four bikes.
  • 196cm (L) x 140cm (W) x 127cm (H)

Halfords claims you can fit up to four bikes under this bicycle cover. The hem is elasticated so just needs tucking under bike wheels. The fabric is claimed to be waterproof thanks to a TPU coating but also breathable, preventing the build up of condensation that can also cause rust if the bike is stored away when damp. 

B’Twin Protective Bike Cover

Waterproof covers
Attach the Velcro fastening for extra wind protection.
  • 180cm (L) x 123cm (W) x 123cm (H)

B’Twin’s bike cover comes with a two-year guarantee and is built to be compatible for all bikes (without a child’s seat) – it should even fit over baskets, mudguards and pannier racks.

There’s a handy Velcro fastening for securing the cover to the bike and to stop it blowing away in the wind. An elastic section at each end is used to tighten its fit around the bike’s wheels. 

Beeway Multi Bike Cover

Waterproof cover
Heavy-duty weatherproof cover with eyelits for a security lock.
  • 200cm (L) x 80cm (W) x 100cm (H)

This bike cover should be large enough to accommodate two adult bikes and claims to offer protection from heavy rain, snow, dust, scratches and sun.

A buckle in the middle and elasticated hems have been added to help to keep it in place during windy conditions and there are two eyelet holes through the front wheel section to give you the option of adding extra security.

Faireach Waterproof Bike Cover

Waterproof cover
Faireach;s Waterproof Bike Cover has two handles to make getting it on and off a little easier.
  • 200cm (L) x 110cm (W) x 70cm (H)

Faireach has built-in features to give this waterproof bike cover and your bike added security. There are two eyelets at the front wheels for threading a lock through, plus a buckle at the back wheel for keeping the cover in place.

Faireach has also thought about ease of use, adding two handles with guiding reflective strips to help you lift it on and off.  There are three colours available with prices starting at £20. 

Raleigh Heavy Duty Nylon Bike Cover 

Waterproof cover
Roomy nylon bike cover for slotting over adult bikes.
  • Dimensions not provided 

This waterproof bike cover is made from nylon and is designed to offer heavy-duty protection for your bike if you don’t have a garage or indoor storage space.

It’s pretty simple in design, made of dark grey material and has a roomy fit for fitting over adult-sized bikes.

Oxford Aquatex Single Bike Cover 

Waterproof cover
A good option for bikes stored under partial cover.
  • 200cm (L) x 80cm (W) x 110cm (H)

Oxford is never subtle with its branding but it does have a good reputation for its cycling equipment. The 100-denier polyester is ‘water resistant’ and offers protection from the sun’s UV light – so is perhaps a good option if your bike is stored under partial cover.

The fit is pretty simple and drapes over the bike. Where other waterproof bike covers have Velcro fastenings or loops for adding a lock, this one has none, but it does have a rain-resistant protective layer and barrier to scratches. 

Challenge Heavy Duty Bike Cover

Waterproof bike cover
The Challenge cover offers year-round weather protection, including frost.
  • 185cm (L) x 74cm (W) x 98cm (H)

Sometimes the British weather can demand a heavy-duty bit of kit. This cover from Argos is designed to offer protection from frost in the winter months as well as rain year-round.

The seams are not elasticated so it should just hang over the bike frame of your bike. 

Topeak Bike Cover 

Waterproof bike cover
There’s a handy bag for storage when not in use.
  • 178 (L) x 63cm (W) x 100cm (H)

The Topeak bike cover is available in three sizes depending on what type of bike you have. It folds away into its own attached zip pack for easy compact storing when not in use.

When unwrapped, the front and back sections are elasticated to hug the wheels. 

Sport Direct Waterproof Bike Cover 

Waterproof bike cover
Waterproof bike cover with PVC coating.
  • 200cm (L) x 110cm (H)

Despite the low price, this bike cover offers almost all the basic functions you could want for a simple protective layer for your set of wheels.


It claims to be 100 per cent waterproof thanks to its lightweight PVC coating and has a Velcro closure system for securing it to the bike’s frame.