10 things that’ll make every cycle commuter furious

We take a sideways look at the trials and tribulations out there

There’s revolution in the air – the time is right for riding in the street, boy (as Mick Jagger almost sang). Yet for all the many reasons we love commuting by bike, it seems like the naysayers only ever mention the punctures, peds and peril.


As we found out when we asked BikeRadar readers on Facebook and Twitter, it can also be a whole minefield of political betrayal, invisibility cloaks and Frowny McFrowns. Yet there’s always a silver lining…

1. Your political leanings being betrayed

Is this man betraying his political leanings?: is this man betraying his political leanings?
Are these people Green Party members? (image: Getty)

Did you know stopping at red lights is a political statement these days? It’s true, we read it on the internet.

2. When fellow commuters don’t realise you’re on for a new KOM

On for a strava kom, mate:
“Don’t be touching my KOM” (image: Getty)

“New commuters,” bemoans Garry Templeman on Facebook, “who’ve switched from their car and have brought their grumpy driving habits to cycling and don’t ‘get it’. If I pass you, it doesn’t mean I’m somehow trying to beat you.”

Fellow reader Martin Grayson’s reply? “Just trying to keep my KOM on Strava mate.”

3. Getting spanked

It’s a hazard people, don’t giggle. Gaz Welch regularly suffers people shouting ‘deviant’ or passengers spanking his bottom as they drive past, just because he’s in Lycra.

4. Unpredictable mutts

Multiple dogs off the lead – better slow down:

Multiple dogs on the loose, watch out (image: Getty)

Man’s best friend, except when they’re off the lead and in your path, says Mark Dorman on Facebook. Will they get out of the way? Won’t they? Who knows!

5. Ex-bosses that won’t let you keep your bike in the office

Does your boss let you keep your bike indoors?:

Time to find a new job? (image: Getty)

Not all bosses are caring, compassionate types. They couldn’t care less if your bike has to sit outside in the rain.

6. Where is the love?

Give us a smile!:

Give us a smile (image: Getty)

If you’ve been commuting the same route for any significant time, you’ve surely started to recognise the same faces.

Kate Peers wishes they would say hello occasionally: “I’ve passed the same guy for 2 years now-yet2 get a hello back.”

7. Lack of coffee

Sir chris hoy makes sure he never runs out of coffee capsules: sir chris hoy makes sure he never runs out of coffee capsules
Sir Chris Hoy drinks coffee, therefore you should too (image: Getty)

Coffee is, as we all know, cyclists’ real best friend. Except when there are no Tassimo pods left in the morning.

8. Invisibility cloaks

It sounds like some marketing stunt, and a weight weenie’s dream, but reader Rob Andrews says the red light sensors won’t pick up the weight of him and his bike. So he has to sit there, waiting for a car to arrive and set it off.

9. Swapping places occasionally

Guaranteed to make you mad (if you’re in a car):
Feel the rage (image: Getty)

If you really want to know suffering though, try leaving the bike behind, says Ian Doney. “Deciding to take the car once in a blue moon and then getting stuck in a traffic jam and then seeing fellow cyclists passing….IT MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL!”

10. Not being able to carry on

Best part of the day? probably…:
Best part of the day? Probably… (image: Getty)

But do you want to know the top gripe, the number one complaint among our commute-loving readers? It’s having to stop riding when you get to work…


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