3LC Cycling Training DVDs featuring Mark Cavendish

Turbo training sessions with the world road champion

A new range of turbo training DVDs featuring World Champion Mark Cavendish have gone on sale and you can buy them now from BikeRadar’s book and DVD store


The videos are produced by Isle of Man-based company Three Legs Cycling, headed by Director and Head Coach Peter Kennaugh Snr, father of Team Sky’s other Manxman Peter Kennaugh Jnr. The sessions are designed to be as simple as possible, just a bike and a turbo trainer. You don’t need heart rate monitors, power meters or the like because the sessions are based on feel and cadence, so a device to measure that is all you need. And because it’s kept simple, the sessions are opened up to people of all levels of fitness, from newcomers to elite racers.

There are five DVDs available, each at a BikeRadar exclusive price of £23.74 (inc p&p) from our book and DVD store. All five are dedicated to a specific area of cycling and include sprinting, road racing, climbing, ladies road racing and time trialling. The videos include a single workout, which can be adjusted in intensity by slowing or speeding up your cadence. Each DVD features a host of riders going hard on the turbo, including local faces from the Isle of Man racing scene. Kennaugh Jr and the Manx Missile himself pop up to offer expert tips and advice.

More details of each video are detailed below, and here’s a taster of what you can expect from the series:

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3LC sprinting dvd: 3lc sprinting dvd
Three Wheels Cycling

“Sprinting is not about sitting in and doing 200 meters – it takes a lot of consistent efforts to get there. It’s about being able to sprint when you’re in the red and that’s where this session helps.”

So says Mark Cavendish in his description of the sprinting video, and who are we to argue? The video allows you to ride alongside the Tour de France green jersey holder, plus a crew of local Manx riders, and push yourself to your limits. Through a series of sprint intervals, former British Criterium Champion Rob Holden, and Cav himself, teach you the techniques to get the extra kick when you need it most – the finish line. Buy the sprinting DVD here

Road Racing

3LC road race dvd: 3lc road race dvd
Three Wheels Cycling

“These sessions are great for getting your power up – there’s no cheating a turbo trainer. It’s always nice to smash it and if you put the work in then you won’t be suffering out on the rides.”

Yes, Cav again, this time on building your power up indoors. Here, Cav, Kennaugh and a host of local Manx riders power through a 60-minute that will prepare you for the road. It attempts to simulate situations cyclists find themselves in during a race and drum into you the methods to cover moves, get in the break, climb, attack and sprint to the finish. Buy the Road Racing DVD here


3LC climbing dvd: 3lc climbing dvd
Three Wheels Cycling

Climbing is what all cyclists fear the most, but 3LC are urging you to embrace it. Not one for climbing, Cav stays away from this one and leaves it to the Kennaugh and former British National Champion Steve Joughlin to dish out the tips. Learn how to keep enough in the tank for the mountain top finish and control your efforts to boost your strength, stamina and power. Buy the Climbing DVD here

Ladies Road Racing

3LC ladies road race dvd: 3lc ladies road race dvd
Three Wheels Cycling

Not discounting the women, 3LC’s resident experts – Inter-Island Games Gold Medal winners and a crew of local Manx riders – power through a turbo session with female fitness in mind. Experienced training advice comes from Milk Race stage winner Rob Holden, offering tips on maintaining both your body position and a smooth pedal stroke. Buy the ladies Road Racing DVD here

Time Trialling

3LC time trial dvd: 3lc time trial dvd
Three Wheels Cycling


3LC Time Trial was created to turn the tables on time trialling. Here, Kennaugh and Rob Holden guide you through intensive interval training designed to improve your lactic threshold, core strength and muscular endurance. Buy the Time Trialling DVD here