4 tips on fitting in more cycling time

How to make more time to ride

Make plans with mates to motivate you to ride

Three riders from Team Novo Nordisk, the world’s first all-diabetes professional team, reveal how they fit more cycling into their lives to stay in peak condition.

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1. Buddy up

“Arranging group rides when I’m back in Ireland is great to ensure I don’t back out due to bad weather,” explains Stephen Clancy. “I pick friends who aren’t as soft as me so I’ll always end up riding!”

If you’re planning a catch-up with a friend or colleague who’s into cycling make it part of the event — two hours on the road then a coffee can mix business and pleasure.

2. Ready your ride

“After every training ride I always clean my bike and carry out any necessary repairs so it’s ready to ride the next time I want to,” reveals Joonas Henttala.

As well as readying the bike, re-stock on spares such as tubes or CO2 cartridges you may have used. “If it’s a particularly early start I’ll fill my drinks bottles and get the ride food ready the night before too,” adds Clancy.

The more bikes you have the greater the motivation to ride them

3. Book a bike appointment

If you’re not cycling to work, schedule three rides a week into your diary or flag them up on the calendar at home and let everyone know you’re going to be on the bike at that time.

“I use the off-season to explore new routes at home in the Netherlands,” says Brian Kamstra. “I tell friends to do the same; make a plan or find a route that is fun, realistic and comes with a goal.”

4. Get two bikes

The more bikes you have the greater the motivation to ride them. “I ride a fixed gear bike around town to do my errands but not for training, just for practicality,” says Clancy. “Then for longer distance I’ll take my road bike.”

Consider hiring bikes too. “If you’re going on holiday or visiting another town for a few days opt for bike hire schemes,” adds Kamstra.


Last updated 19 October 2017