Announcement to members of BikeRadar Active

New home at Velozone

BikeRadar Active

The BikeRadar Active channel on BikeRadar now exists as a standalone website called Velozone and can be found at



Why has BikeRadar decided to discontinue BikeRadar Active as a channel within BikeRadar?

The company has decided that it wants to focus on BikeRadar’s core areas of bikes and gear news, reviews and features.

Who now owns and runs Velozone?

Velozone is being operated by Training Diaries Limited, the company that has developed the software that has been powering the BikeRadar Active channel to date.

Will all my training data be available on the new Velozone website?

Yes, all member training and community data will remain active, safe and secure on the Velozone website.

How will I login to

Before you can login to Velozone for the first time, you will need to generate a new password by clicking here and following the simple instructions.

Once you have created your new password, you will need to login to Velozone using the email address that you have registered on BikeRadar, not your previous username. If you experience login problems, please visit the Velozone Login HelpDesk.

What can I do if I don’t want my training data/profile to be kept on Velozone?

You can login to Velozone at any time, access your profile settings and delete your profile. After six months, any members that have not yet logged in to Velozone will have their profiles automatically deleted.

Will the BikeRadar iPhone App Still Work?

Yes it will, but there will be no further updates to it so we would recommend that you install the new Velozone App that has improved performance and new features. Make sure you have synced and saved all your rides from your BikeRadar App to the Velozone website (the app will continue to work with your existing SYNC PIN) before uninstalling it.

Will there be any new features on

Yes, there are a number of new features being released on Velozone including:

  • New Coaching section with new training plans, 1:1 coaching options, Coach Advice & Q&A
  • Training log upgrades including HRM/power zones, more graphs and ride comparison functions
  • New races and challenges with added functions and lots of prizes
  • New Best Times route time splits
  • New iPhone app with additional features and an android version
  • Velozone kit and merchandise
  • Loyalty Points, status levels and badges