Are you riding inside or outside this winter?

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Which is it going to be for you?

As the days get shorter, colder and probably wetter, where are you going to be doing most of your riding? Inside on the trainer or outside in the cold?


I will probably be doing a fair amount of both.

Like anyone, I’d rather ride outside all the time — preferably on warm, sunny days with a tailwind, thank you very much. But, like for most of us, there’s the whole issue of reality that often gets in the way.

I don’t mind bundling up for cold rides, but if it’s cold and wet, I’ll often bag it. Hey, I grew up in New Mexico; we don’t really do cold and wet.

In the last few weeks I’ve been testing a bunch of smart trainers on Zwift for an upcoming feature. I have to say, I have really enjoyed doing some of the group rides and races.

For me, in the past, riding inside was only for doing intervals when I had a goal in mind — not for fun! Zwift has made riding inside fun (if you consider it fun to slobber on yourself on the trainer, while in pursuit of random people).


How about you? Will it be all outdoors this winter? All indoors? Or a bit of both. And yes, Aussies and Kiwis, I’m well aware that you’re entering peak summer season; I’m just going to try my best to ignore that.