Carmichael Training Systems reaches new heights in Vail

Altitude specific training at 8,150 feet

Carmichael Training Systems

Cyclists of all ability levels will have the opportunity to live and train at 8,150 feet above sea level during Carmichael Training Systems High Altitude Performance Camp set to run in Vail, Colorado June 22-26, 2010.


Chris Carmichael, endurance sports coach and founder and CEO of Carmichael Training Systems and is well-known for being seven-time Tour de France winner, Lance Armstrong’s personal coach. This latest camp adds to some 30 existing cycling-specific training camps organized by Carmichael Training Systems, however, this is the first year it will use Vail’s lofty altitude.

“This is the first High Altitude Training Camp in Vail,” said Katie Coakley from CTS. “There are other types of camps that focus on climbs but this is the first specifically utilizing the high altitude of Vail for training.”

“Carmichael Training Systems is always looking to expand our camp offerings,” Coakley added. “The reality is that there are only so many weekends that we can choose from. Utilizing Vail as a base of operations not only expands the types of camps we can offer, but the dates we can offer them to our athletes.”

The Vail High Altitude Training Camp has the capacity to host 20 cyclists at individual costs between $2,299 for locals and $2,999 for the five days of training. The cost includes 5 nights Hotel accommodations at the Vail Mountain Lodge and four breakfasts, four lunches and two dinners along with daily massage therapy and courses in bike mechanics and specific power meter training.

Participants are promised ample one-on-one time with Carmichael Training Systems certified coaches. The camp affords long hours in the saddle, plus skill instruction for climbing and descending along with group riding and pack riding technique.


“We keep a very tight coach/athlete ratio on all of our camps,” Coakley said. “Additionally, after the first day, we break the group of athletes into three separate ability and skill levels. Each group will have at least two coaches so that individual attention can be ensured. Carmichael coaches are present throughout the day and time depends on scheduling. The typical coach to athlete ratios are 1:6 at maximum. You basically spend the entire ride with a coach.”