Dynastream launches redesigned ANT+ website

Includes compatibility guide for mixing and matching cycling devices

Many wireless electronic devices currently used in cycling utilize the ANT+ protocol. And while Canadian parent company Dynastream has been happy to occupy space behind the scenes, its new website hopes to bring ANT+ to the forefront, with a comprehensive tutorial on the technology and a convenient, searchable database so consumers can determine which devices will work with each other.


Perhaps motivated by the increased popularity of the Bluetooth Smart wireless protocol, the new ANT+ website aims to educate both consumers and manufacturers on why the system has become the dominant standard. However, in our eyes, it’s the compatibility database that will be really helpful to customers looking to build their library of electronic devices.

“It’s basically a Google for health and fitness monitoring devices, which includes all the gadgets from Garmin, Timex, Adidas, Wahoo Fitness, CycleOps, and more,” said Brad Hobbs, ANT+’s account director at PR firm Max Borges Agency.

“You can search by activity, brand, sensor, and compatibility to find what devices work with what you have, what devices you need if you’re a triathlete, cyclist, etcetera. It’s actually a pretty slick tool for fitness data junkies and even newbies trying their first long bike ride or triathlon and need to know how to train. For example: If you have a Garmin 310XT and want to see what sensors work with your device, this will list out all 100 or so, breaking them down by sport, activity, brand, and so on.”

Once a specific ant+ device is selected, the system will list every known compatible product and app: once a specific ant+ device is selected, the system will list every known compatible product and app

Pick an ANT+ device and you’ll see every known compatible product 

In addition to listing compatible devices, the new database will also retrieve iOS and Android apps that utilize the standard. For example, say you’re interested in purchasing a new Quarq CinQo Saturn power meter and are looking for compatible heads. Simply pull up the device on the site and the database will list all known computer heads and apps that will display the transmitted power info. These included some that we at BikeRadar didn’t even know existed, such as Schwinn’s MPower Console V2.

Moreover, the new ANT+ database promises to be fully comprehensive. Every manufacturer using ANT+ must request a license and submit product samples and associated information. So, by definition, the company automatically knows what devices and features are available.


The new ANT+ website is now live, so head on over and check it out for yourself.