Five reasons to join BikeRadar Training

5,000 cycling enthusiasts can't be wrong

Five thousand cycling enthusiasts from across the globe have already signed up to BikeRadar Training – our free online resource to help you record and analyse all aspects of your training. If you’re not registered yet, here are five reasons why you should join.


1. Win prizes with our monthly challenges

Every month we set challenges for our training community – from hill climbing to distance records, this is your chance to win prizes for working out. There are also general challenge groups to join, along with communities for our sister cycling publications. 

Have a look at the full list of groups you can join, and check out our challenges page for information on the latest trials.

2. Get inspiration for rides and share your routes

BikeRadar Training members have currently uploaded more than 1,800 routes from across the globe. Are you in need of inspiration for your next ride, or thinking of exploring a new area? Simply find out what routes other members recommend.

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3. Find cycling events going on near you

On BikeRadar Training, we also have an events calendar full of listings to suit all abilities and disciplines. You can find events near you by using the map search, or look up rides you know the name of in the search bar.

Once you’ve found an event of interest, you can see which other BikeRadar Training members are attending and find out more important information. Also, if you have a BikeRadar Training profile you can mark the event in your training diary and plan your workout schedule to get ready.

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4. Professionally tailored training plans

All our training plans are exclusively designed for us by cycling experts. We have a selection of plans to suit all riders, both novice and intermediate, and ranging from road racing, time trialling and sportives to mountain biking.

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5. Track progress with your training diary

Want to enter a sportive or an enduro event this year? Set it as one of your goals in your training diary. If it’s too much in one go, you can break it down into smaller targets and set dates to achieve each one.


The site also allows you to retain a permanent record of all your personal bests. Keep track of miles covered, time spent training, number of sessions completed and average speeds and you’ll see how your fitness is improving over the weeks, months and years.

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