Free four week sportive training plan for novices

Plus 10 percent off other premium plans until end of February

Get your 2013 training on track with BikeRadar Training

Are you getting cabin fever after being house bound by three inches of snow? Have all your new year’s cycling resolutions suddenly been thwarted by Ice Age 2013? Did watching Lance and Oprah lead you to a state of drunken despair because your enjoyment of cycling has been destroyed forever*?


Don’t worry, we’re here to help. BikeRadar Training wants to get you back on track with help from our partners Koolstof Coaching, who were in action at the BikeRadar Training Hub at the London Bike Show last weekend.

To start with, we’ve got a free four week training plan aimed at novices targeting a sportive in the summer (yes, it will come). Just click here to start using it now.

If you’ve got other fitness goals in 2013 then take a look at our permium plans. We’re offering 10 percent off all of them until the end of February 2013, to help you get your season out of the wintry doldrums and back on track. Simply enter the code London2013 to claim your discount. (Code expires on 28 February 2013).

BikeRadar Training is a free online resource for you to record and analyse all aspects of your training, log your training routes,add photos, get yourself tailored training plans, take part in challenges, join training groups, see how you’re doing on our leaderboards, set goals and plan your season with a comprehensive events guide.


*At least until the Spring Classics start