Free webinar: David Millar on how to succeed at time trials

Training advice for all riders irrespective of age, fitness level and long term goals

This Thursday, David Millar will lead a webinar on how to succeed at time trials

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David Millar is one of the most successful time triallists in the history of cycling and, in a recent series, he revealed ‘the System’ which brought him to the peak of the world cycling order. You can catch up on the series in the links below.

Now retired and settling into life after cycling, Millar has decided to share the tips, tricks and secrets that took him to the top of the sport, in the form of a training workshop.

Millar challenges some modern myths – such as expensive equipment and testing as the primary means to greater speed – and illustrates his system and associated strategies with intriguing insights from his own experience and career.

Many readers will find that one of the more interesting and refreshing aspects of the Millar TT System is the emphasis that Millar puts on the athletes themselves. He argues persuasively that riders should take prime responsibility for issues such as the best position and equipment to suit their particular characteristics, at minimal cost. This is a refreshingly honest insight into what really matters and a departure from some current trends of seeking solutions – often very expensive – from commercial interests and ‘experts’.

And the good news is that the workshop is happening online, so there is no limit to the size of the audience and no matter where you are in the world you can log in.

The online workshop is free of charge. To sign up, just follow this link and follow the very straightforward details.

The workshop online workshop will take place this Thursday, 21 April, at 7pm GMT.

Also speaking on the night are A1 Coaching founder Anthony Walsh and host Stephen Duggan.

The trio will offer training advice for this time of year for all riders irrespective of age, level of fitness and long term goals.

Millar’s goal is to use this opportunity to bridge the information gap between professional and amateur riders. By informing amateurs of his 5 point training system it’s hoped you can make big speed gains without additional weekly training duration commitment.

There will be a lengthy questions and answers session after meaning you can request the exact information you need from Millar.


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