5 reasons why you should get your friends into cycling

The benefits of bringing a buddy along for the ride

If you’re anything like us, you struggle not to share how great cycling is with pretty much everyone you meet.

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Exasperated friends may roll their eyes and think you’re completely daft for cycling 100 miles to another city rather than just driving – but the thing is, they simply don’t know what they’re missing.

Cycling evangelists often find a way to congregate, usually on the weekend club ride or similar. But perhaps there’s still a quiet hankering in your heart to get your friends on board.

Helping your close friends catch the cycling bug comes with plenty of benefits. We’ve teamed up with Challenge Bikes, whose range starts at £229.99, to identify five reasons to spread the cycling love.


You’ll motivate each other

Challenge road bikes
Riding with friends helps keep you motivated.

We’ve all been there. It’s stupid o’clock in the morning, the bed’s cosy, and maybe you’ll just skip the ride today and sleep longer. But you can’t let your friend down. 

When you know someone’s waiting for you, you’re more likely to get going, and by holding each other accountable you can achieve your goals together. 

Plus what’s more motivating than having someone to compare Strava segments with?


It’s really rewarding

Two cyclists rding through street
Watching your friend’s confidence grow is really rewarding.
David Marcu / Unsplash.com

Perhaps you have a friend who never learned to ride a bike, or who hasn’t ridden since childhood.

While experienced cyclists may baulk at the idea, it’s not that uncommon for someone to have barely turned a pedal since being a teenager. 

That doesn’t mean bike rides are off the table, though. Helping a friend move past their wobbles and seeing their confidence grow is a fantastic feeling. 

You can help them learn a new skill that will open up a lot of doors for them, and then share in their adventures!


It’s good for them

Two cyclists riding together
There are so many benefits to cycling to share with your friends.
Coen van den Broek / Unsplash.com

We all know how great cycling is: it makes you feel physically fitter, it clears your head and relieves stress, and it helps you sleep more deeply. It could even help you live longer… and is good for your sex life.

It’s also a great way to travel quickly and impact the environment less. Why wouldn’t you want to share this with the people you care about?

If you feel like you need to do some more convincing, check out these 27 great benefits of cycling.


They’ll spread the word

Challenge road bikes
Getting more people riding creates more demand for better cycling opportunities.

It’s the best kind of pyramid scheme. Get your friends cycling, they pass the enthusiasm onto their friends, who then do the same. And so on.

If we want better cycling infrastructure we need to show demand, which means spreading the word to encourage more people to ride instead of drive. 

Close friends are more likely to listen to you than a total stranger, but through our web of connections we can really make a difference.


It could save you money

Fans at the 2019 Tour de France
Save money by cycling… and treat yourself to a cycling holiday.
Russ Ellis / SWPix.com

Perhaps you’re thinking about taking up a new cycling discipline, and learn the all-important techniques through coaching. Or maybe you’re really keen to go on a cycling holiday?

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Not only will your friends keep you company, but it’s more cost-effective to do these things together, to share the expense and sometimes with group discounts available.