How to sprint for the win with Marcel Wüst – video

German sprint specialist shares his pearls of wisdom

Want to sharpen up your sprinting skills to win your next race, or get one over your mates on the sprint for the village sign? Well, the latest training and technique video from Marcel Wüst, 14-time grand tour stage winner, might give you a few useful tips.


Marcel offers some helpful advice, such as keeping your head up, mixing lots of sprinting into your training and giving full commitment to the sprint.

And true to his word, Wüst looks like he’ll race anyone in this video – even the odd commuter.

“Make sure you throw many sprints into your training routine, ideally with a couple of others, and if you keep winning, just look for other opponents because there is always someone who is faster than you in this world,” he says. Sage words from the big man, who’s already shown how to improve your sprint training.

Marcel wüst delivers sprinting advice

Video: Marcel Wüst’s sprinting technique