How to train less and still get faster

Free online winter training workshop from A1Coaching

Discover how to increase your speed with less than eight hours of training per week

This is a sponsored post in association with A1 Coaching.


As part of our series on Winter Training, A1Coaching is running a free live online winter training workshop. On Tuesday 25 October at 7pm London time, Anthony Walsh, Head Coach of A1Coaching will team up with a number of coaching and nutrition experts to cover some of the training strategies you can employ in your training this winter to see really gains in speed, strength and functional threshold power.

Over the course of an hour Anthony will outline how hundreds of clients of A1coaching have seen an increase of up to 20% in speed and functional threshold power, off less than eight hours training per week, by employing three secrets in their training:

Secret 1: How to maximise your training time

Do you struggle to fit your training in around the demands of a hectic lifestyle? If you have limited time to train but still want to see performance gains, you need to do high intensity rides this winter. Trick is, how to do them. Anthony explains what you need to do and gives you the exact sessions to introduce into your training this winter.

Secret 2: How to reach and maintain your Ideal riding weight

What you are eating before, during and after your rides could be causing you to gain weight, even though you are training. Barry Murray, nutritionist to top professional cyclists, shows you five shifts you need to make in your diet to reach optimum riding weight.

Secret 3: Critical things you need to train this winter

Anthony takes you through the three critical things you need to train this winter to see real gains in your cycling performance. Also, Anthony will explain step-by-step how you can avoid getting sick this winter through more effective cycling training.

You will also be able to ask the team any questions you have around your winter cycling training.

So who will be on this webinar?

  • Anthony Walsh – Head Coach A1Members
  • Stephen Duggan – Co-Founder A1Members
  • Barry Murray – Top cycling Nutritionist

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