How to train with power — Jack and Joe start their training plan

Jack and Joe do the first of many training sessions in episode 10 of BikeRadar Diaries

BikeRadar Diaries is back and in this week’s episode, Jack and Joe start with their training plan

BikeRadar Diaries is back and in this week’s action-packed episode, we see Jack and Joe get their teeth into the training plan they’ll be following for the next six weeks.

In the last episode, we saw Jack and Joe undergo a hellish VO2-max test at the University of Bath’s testing facilities to determine their lactate thresholds, FTP and, critically, their training zones.

With this data to hand, good friend of the channel and training guru, Tom Bell, has set the pair a training plan to follow for the next six weeks and, in this episode, we see them tackle the first of many sessions to come.

Being totally new to the process, Joe also explains to Jack how to get started with structured training in the first place, from setting up your power meter and head unit, to how to read a training plan.


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