How to use turbo training to improve your pedalling efficiency – video

This workout will expand your cadence range and improve your riding

This turbo trainer session focusses on over- and under-pedalling. It is all about technique and being efficient in your pedalling.


The efforts are relatively short but they are a great way to teach your body to push a solid gear, and get flexibility and suppleness into the legs.

The session also encourages you to become more relaxed when pushed out of your natural pedalling style.

under/over pedalling

Video: Under- and over-pedalling turbo trainer workout

Under- and over-pedalling workout

This session is made up of four five-minute sets, alternating gearing. Complete the first effort around 60rpm maximum and the second effort at 105rpm minimum, then repeat. Aim for zone three heart rate parameters throughout the session.

There is no rest period from one effort to the next, to help keep the body guessing. Really concentrate on sticking to both the 60 rpm and 105 rpm limiters in each of the efforts.

Relax your upper body and maintain a nice solid core, making solid and smooth circles with your hips and feet. It may take a few sessions for the body to get used to riding at such extremes of cadence, as you will normally ride somewhere in the middle of the range.


This video is part of wider series created in association with CycleOps turbo trainers to give you a comprehensive fitness plan for maintaining and improving your cycling performance all year round. Stay tuned for further episodes in the coming weeks – or subscribe to BikeRadar’s YouTube channel.