If you’ve kept your new year’s resolutions by the end of today, you’re officially winning

According to Strava, today’s the day you’re most likely to quit

Blue Monday is on its way, but according to some research conducted by Strava, today is the day that most people are likely to drop their new year’s resolutions, and it’s being dubbed Quitter’s Day.


The global social fitness network has also handily come up with some great tips to keep athletes on track.

Strava’s findings

Strava analysed data from 98.3 million exercise activities across the globe to pinpoint today as Quitter’s Day. It also found that certain demographics are more likely to keep going than others.

  • Women are better at keeping fitness New Year’s resolutions than men, according to the data
  • Younger people keep motivation further into January when data is broken down by age
  • Brits are likely to last two days longer than those in Germany and France but are outlasted by those in Spain

How not to quit

If you don’t want to be a quitter, here are five tips from Strava to keep you going:

1. Set a goal

Strava found that 94 percent of athletes who set goals remain active nine months later, and 88 percent of runners are still active six months after setting a distance goal.

2. Join a club

Being social leads to a significant increase in overall activity. Athletes who join a club are three times more active than non-club members. This is based on 88.7 average uploads by athletes in a club, versus 25.2 average uploads from athletes not in a club.

Why not join BikeRadar’s club on Strava if you haven’t already?

Strava found that athletes who set goals are more likely to remain active
Strava found that athletes who set goals are more likely to remain active

3. Vary your workouts

Activity uploads more than double when athletes change their workouts. Discover another activity type and start varying your workout routine.

Athletes who uploaded activities from two or more different sports recorded 15.3 activities per month compared to those who only uploaded rides (6.7) or runs (6.1).

4. Incorporate indoor activities

Athletes who shared indoor activities to Strava uploaded 323 percent more total activities in the past year versus athletes who only uploaded ride or run activities.

5. Be social

When athletes exercise in groups, they tend to go 21 percent further and those workouts last 10 percent longer. People who exercised in a group increased their average distance by 21.4 percent versus those who exercised on their own.


This was even more so for UK cyclists. For example, solo cyclists averaged 28.6km per ride, while those who rode as part of a group averaged 49km per ride.