Improve your cornering by building core strength

The plank is the perfect exercise for tuning up core muscles

Good core strength can help to keep you riding on the bike all day without ending up in a shaking, crumpled mess. The side plank is a perfect exercise to help you build the strength needed to corner more stably at high speed.


Build high-speed cornering strength with the side plank

Step 1

To begin, aim for 30 seconds in the side plank position. Don’t neglect your weaker side

Lie on one side with your elbow under your shoulder. Keep your body rigid and strong, squeezing your bum and stomach muscles.

Step 2

Try to hold this position for 30-40secs to begin with. You will find that you’ve got a stronger side and a weaker side, so don’t neglect your weaker side — work on it a little more if possible.

Step 3

As you get stronger and can last above 60-90secs in the side plank position, you can start to make it harder by adding some rotations

Once you can get over 60-90secs, you can start making it harder by adding in rotations of the torso. We can’t find a world record for the side plank, but the official record for the regular plank (in the press-up position) is 8hrs and 1min, set by China’s Mao Weidong earlier this year. Wow.


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