Learn how to ride with no hands in 5 steps

Take off clothing, unwrap a sandwich, or show off your dance moves

Learning how to ride no-handed is another skill that looks effortlessly cool when done right and has lots of practical uses.


As with learning to wheelie though, it might seem like everyone knows how – except you. Don’t panic, here’s Anna Glowinski to talk you through it.

How to ride a bike with no hands

1. Find a suitable place to practice

It begins with finding a long, smooth, straight road to practice on.

2. Start pedalling

The trick to riding no-handed lies in getting up enough speed to keep some stability and picking a high enough gear that you’ve got something to push against.

3. Get your body weight back

Next, shift your body weight as far back over the saddle as you can and sit upright with good posture.

4. Easy does it…

Try to gradually get more and more comfortable with the idea of taking your hands off the handlebars. Try tiny steps to begin with, maybe with your hands hovering over the bars. Gradually get comfortable with loosening your grip.

5. Pedal as smoothly as you can

The key to preventing wobbles is to pedal as smoothly as possible – practice your ‘souplesse’, moving your feet in near-perfect circles. You’ll find this gives you more control and thus more stability.


Remember to keep your weight over the saddle, and be prepared to learn the process again for every new bike (and geometry) you climb onto.