Make real gains from your training this winter

Be at your best for the 2017 cycling season

Over a series of posts, we'll help you get the best from your winter training

This is a sponsored post in association with A1 Coaching.


It’s that time of the year when our minds need to turn to winter training. It’s often said that “winners are made in the winter”’, so if you are seeking big improvements in your riding in 2017, we have an exciting series of posts and training videos lined up to help you prepare well this winter so you’re at your best for the 2017 cycling season.

BikeRadar has teamed up with A1 Coaching and over the next two weeks we are going to bust some big myths about winter training.

We will be running a series of posts and a really valuable four-part video training series, which is going to cover four critical shifts you can make in your training this winter to see real gains on the bike on 2017.

Each video will cover one of the following topics:

Video 1: From junk miles to high intensity

The benefit of careful, high intensity intervals, to build the perfect base training. A1’s Head Coach, Anthony Walsh, will outline the exact sessions you can do to maximise your time this winter.  This is specifically designed to help time-crunched cyclists.

Video 2: Power to weight

Anthony teams up with Barry Murray (nutritionist to top professional cyclists, such as Steve Cummins) to show you how you can optimise your diet and nutrition to reach your optimum racing weight.

Video 3: Strength and Conditioning

Former Raffa professional and now top coach Aaron Buggle shows you five critical workouts in the gym to maximise your cycling performance.

Video 4: The importance of following a proven plan

A1 Members (the membership site of A1 Coaching) has coached over 1,000 riders in 2016. This has allowed the company to recognise exactly what time-crunched athletes need in order to maximise their cycling performance. Anthony will outline step-by-step what is working today, so you can copy it in your training.