Neon Velo offering ‘train like the pros’ packages

Fully supported cycling training camps in Europe

Neon Velo are a new British company offering training camps with pro level support.


They kicked off last December by hosting Rapha Condor Sharp for a two week camp in Tenerife (see video below) and are now gearing up to launch a full programme of training camps in France, Spain, Belgium, Italy and the Canary Islands, all for regular riders.

Neon velo with rapha condor sharp

The next camps will be seven days long and held in Andalucia, Spain, starting on 16 and 23 February. Later this year they’ll be running camps in the French Alps, for riders who want to experience the classic Tour de France cols with full support.

Pro level support means you can do your long rides unencumbered. To that end, Neon Velo will provide a following car for changes of clothes, fresh food and drink and a mechanic. 

Afterwards, you can follow the lead of the Rapha Condor Sharp guys and have a massage, as well as relaxing by the pool while using NormaTec MVP compression equipment to ease the soreness out of your legs. Meals are prepared by a Michelin star chef, which is more than most pro teams can boast, except for the Alpine packages as the hotels have their own cooks.

These clearly aren’t your typical budget training camps. Neon Velo’s Andalucia packages are priced at £2,295 and that doesn’t include flights, transfers, alcohol or additional food. However, the boutique nature of these camps is exactly what will appeal to those who can afford them.

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A following car for essentials is part of the package: a following car for essentials is part of the package
Phil Gale

Having your own following car is a big selling point of Neon Velo’s camps