Over to you: What wows you most about other cyclists?

Is it double-century rides, huge backflips, or something else?

What's the most amazing thing you've seen someone do on two wheels?

Cyclists are awesome — fact. But our sport is a broad church, with many different types of hero. For some people, finishing a double-century ride (200miles / 320km) is an incredible feat, while others will be most impressed by a big back-flip down the local woods.


Then again, maybe it’s cycle couriers who make a living from carving through dangerous city streets each day, beating the cars and learning the back roads to deliver documents, data or hot food.

Is it the guy or gal who completed a charity Everesting challenge, raising thousands of pounds for their local hospital by climbing the nearest hill repeatedly — or (yikes!) on a turbo trainer — until 8,848m of vertical ascent was reached?

Or someone you know who started spin classes a while back to get in shape, and now regularly beats the fastest riders in their cycling club? Perhaps it’s the bloke who got back on his bike after a serious accident, still smiling?


Please tell us what you find amazing about other cyclists — but don’t just name pro cyclists, let’s keep this one for us amateurs. The unsung heroes with a day job who get out there and do something amazing on two wheels. Who knows, maybe you’ll recognise yourself in some of the answers…