Roadies vs. mountain bikers: who’s more hardcore?

Which discipline gets your heart racing most?

Over to You: who do you think is more hardcore — roadies or mountain bikers?

Roadies vs. mountain bikers: who’s more hardcore? It’s an age old debate that normally ends in pleasingly creative name calling, and in the name of antagonisation I thought we’d poke the bear a little more for this week’s edition of Over to You.


It was once said by legendary directeur sportif Jean de Gribaldy that “Cycling isn’t a game, it’s a sport… One doesn’t play at cycling”

While we’d never accuse Jens ‘shut up legs’ Voight or Gee Atherton of ‘playing at cycling’, which of their respective disciplines impresses you most?

While it’s easy to be awe struck by the incredible skill and bravery that it takes to throw yourself off a cliff or hit a boulder-dashed downhill run at a zillion miles an hour, the spectacle of a malnourished climber mashing themselves up some ridiculous gradient is perhaps equally as impressive.

On the other hand, the razor sharp handling skills and all-out fitness demanded by modern XC racing makes this writer wince at the sheer thought of such effort.

Our resident racer Joe, who’s certainly no stranger to suffering on the bike, attests to this and reckons that out of all the disciplines he’s raced in (and he’s raced nearly everything), XC is by far the most suffer-est.

Want to watch Joe hurt himself on a bike? Check out our video about his 2016 hill climb season

So mountain bikers, flip that snapback and take a hit of your favourite energy drink. Roadies, lube up and don your most aggressive socks, it’s time to do battle!


What do you reckon is the most hardcore discipline of cycling? Can you think of any particularly memorable efforts of your own? As always, share your thoughts and pictures below.