Strava launches Annual Achievements for 2015

New yearly trophies for segments and personal records

Yearly achievement awards are a new feature to Strava

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Just in time for your New Year’s resolution to ‘ride more’, Strava, the social fitness app, has launched new Annual Achievements trophies for segment leaderboards and personal records.

As of the 1January, Annual Achievements trophies were added to Strava. Cyclists and runners will now receive annual KOM (King of the Mountains), QOM (Queen of the Mountains) and CRs (Course Records) trophies. 

This gives everyone a chance to earn a spot on a segment leaderboard, and Strava members are still able to filter to view yearly leaderboards.

Previously earned KOM, QOM or CRs will live on as all-time records and badges of honour. They will still be viewable on profile pages or on the overall default leaderboard. All-time achievements will always supersede annual ones in segment results.

New icons have been added to coincide with the Annual Achievements launch. In the segment results section of an activity, you will see solid icons for all-time achievements and outlined icons for annual ones.  

Gareth Nettleton, Director of International Marketing at Strava, said: “We know that for many of our athletes on Strava, they plan goals and track improvements a year at a time. The new Annual Achievements leaderboards give priority to yearly progress and give Strava members the chance to stake their claim in 2015, while still respecting the all-time achievements of Strava members.

“We’re thinking of this as honouring the world record holder in the marathon but also recognising the leaders each year.”

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