Tenth of the Tour mid-week update

See what you could win on BikeRadar this week!

We’re into the second week of the Tenth of the Tour Challenge, and 24 people have already completed the 217.2 miles (a tenth of the Tour de France) with BikeRadar Training. They’ll automatically have been entered into our prize draw to win a bumper box of cycling goodies!  


There’s still plenty of time to get involved with the contest, so if you haven’t done so already, sign up and start logging your miles.

Along with the main Challenge, you’ll get a chance to win a title in one of our weekly mini trials. With five different categories, there’s plenty of opportunity to get involved. The following badges of honour are up for grabs:

Long Timer: The longest amount of time logged on BikeRadar Training in a week.

Speed Demon: The reward for the fastest time recorded per week.

Young ‘uns: The youngest rider in the week’s top five distance leaderboard.

Session It: The most sessions logged on BikeRadar Training in a week.

We’ve also added a Mountain Goat award, which will go to the person who’s done the most climbing per week.

The mid-week leaderboard: speed demons:
BikeRadar Training
The mid-week top five leaderboard for the Speed Demon category – it’s heating up!

If you make it into the top five of any of the above leaderboards you’ll also have the chance to win this week’s spot prize – we’re giving away one signed Gatorade bottle used by Team Sky’s Ben Swift during the seventh stage of the recent Tour of Norway.

This week’s spot-prize! as used by ben swift at the tour of norway.: this week’s spot-prize! as used by ben swift at the tour of norway.

If you make it into the top five of any one of our mini challenge leaderboards you’ll be entered into a draw automatically and a winner will be randomly selected.

If you’re ready to get involved, it’s simple:

1. Sign up to BikeRadar Training.

2. Start logging miles.

3. Check on the leaderboards to see where you stand.

4. Check in this Friday to see who’s won.

Remember, to be entered into any of the prize draws you must have a completed profile and given yourself a unique username. All users with the default ‘Your name here’ persona will not be entered into the prize draws.


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