Video: ŠKODA Skills – perfect your cornering

Second in a series with the pros of Team Raleigh-GAC

How to perfect your cornering is the second in a multi-part road cycling ŠKODA skills series featuring pro tips from members of the British Continental squad Team Raleigh-GAC. The series is running in conjunction with the ‘How to’ section from our sister magazine Cycling Plus.


In this video, Raleigh-GAC pros Simon Holt and Jamie Sparling explain and demonstrate how to take the perfect line through a corner, making sure you don’t lose too much speed into and coming out of the corner, and keeping your position in a group – both crucial for racing but also useful skills to have on any ride.

The ŠKODA skills series comes from a coaching day courtesy of Skoda at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit in London, where six winners of a Cycling Plus competition were given a day’s tuition from the guys of Team Raleigh-GAC.

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