Rockshox wants to fit a coil shock to your trail bike

Rockshox Super Deluxe range boosted with coil options

Rockshox believes that coil shocks aren’t just for downhill and enduro bikes and has today announced the expansion of its Super Deluxe range which now includes coil shock options for trail bikes all the way through to the longest travel downhill rigs.


The Super Deluxe name isn’t new for Rockshox, originally appearing on the brand’s top-end coil shocks back in the day and has been used on its air shocks in more recent years.

There has been a coil shock offering from Rockshox in the form of the Kage and the Vivid for the last few years, but the Super Deluxe Coil is the first metric sized coil shock from the brand.

Topping the range of coil shocks is the Super Deluxe Coil RCT which features independently tunable compression circuits, a two-position ‘threshold adjustment’ and Rockshox’s ‘Counter Measure’ technology, which is used to reduce breakaway force.

Interestingly, the new Super Deluxe Coil RC Remote features a bar mounted lockout remote — unusual for a coil shock

Interestingly, the Super Deluxe Coil RT Remote also has an option to run a remote ‘lockout’ which allows you to switch between the two ‘threshold modes’ — fully open and ‘pedal’ (think Fox’s ‘trail’ mode) — at the bars.

Cane Creek also offer a bar mounted lockout for its Double Barrel Coil shock with its OPT remote, but aside from this it remains a rare feature in this segment.

No weights have been announced for the new shocks, but given they’re aimed at the trail/enduro market, we expect them to be competitive.

Steel springs will be available for the Super Deluxe Coil in 50lb increments from 250lbs to 650lbs depending on the length of the shock. Helpfully, a sag gradient chart is also printed on the shaft body of the shock.

The air sprung Super Deluxe range has also seen a refresh

The air sprung versions of the Super Deluxe have also seen a refresh (a breath of fresh air?), with the Super Deluxe RC World Cup replacing the Vivid Air for downhill duties.

The line has also seen the introduction of more stroke lengths, with a new 75mm option.  

All air shock models now also have a stroke indicator printed on the bottom of the damper body which is used to facilitate proper setup by indicating that you are using the full travel of your shock.

Initially the new shocks are only going to be available as OEM spec, but selected aftermarket options are set to be announced. It’s a safe bet that you’ll begin to see these shocks specced on new bikes from now.


Can you see yourself changing out your trusty ol’ air can for a coil shock? How do you think the Super Deluxe Coil will stack up compared to the competition? As always, leave us your thoughts in the comments below.