4 excellent deals on the best power meters

Bargaintastic prices on Quarq, Stages, Rotor and Verve power meters

Power meters can hardly be described as cheap, but with a bit of snooping around, some healthy bargains can be found on the web.


Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you and BikeRadar Bargains is here to bring you the best deals on four of our favourite power meters from around the web from Quarq, Stages, Rotor and Verve. 

Quarq Elsa RS power meter — £1,099 £849.99

Quarq’s Elsa RS power meter presents excellent value for money
Quarq’s Elsa power meter came out on top of our grouptest thanks to its accuracy, consistency, simplicity and value for money.

There are lots of different variations of the Elsa — GXP, Shimano and so on — but we reckon this BB30 unit is one of the better deals out there and will likely work with most modern road bikes.

Check out our grouptest of 9 different power meters on our YouTube channel

Stages Dura-Ace 9000 power meter — £649 £444

Stages shook up the market when it introduced its unique one sided meters
Stages shook the market up when its unique and very affordable left-side-only power meters launched back in 2013. 

The limitation of a left-only system is that it can’t account for a difference in your left-right power balance, but given it’s so much cheaper than the competition, it’s a compromise we’re willing to accept. 

Rotor INpower 3D+ MAS power meter — £540 £500

Rotor’s InPower meter hides the sensing gubbins inside the axle
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While the aesthetics of Rotor’s cranks are a little love/hate, it’s impossible not to fall for the low price and excellent performance of them. 

The crank is also quite unique in that it places the power meter sensing gubbins inside the axle, protecting expensive and delicate electronics from water, dirt and impact. 

This particular deal is for a full crankset, but a left crank only is also available with a £40 discount from Tredz should you already have a Rotor crankset. 

Verve Infocrank power meter — £1,149.99 £915.99

Verve claims to have designed its power meter cranks from the ground up

Verve is one of the newest names in the power meter game, but its first foray did not disappoint — with four strain gauges in each crank arm, the Infocrank is a true left/right system that Verve claims has twice the fidelity of an SRM meter. 

While we found that extra accuracy to be barely noticeable in practice, the power meter performed flawlessly throughout and if you can find a bargain — such as this one we’ve helpfully dug out for you at Winstanley’s — you won’t be disappointed.