Best GPS and smartwatches for cycling: how to choose the right one for you

What to look for in a GPS enabled watch for cycling

Nowadays unless it’s on Strava it didn’t happen, and with so many great GPS enabled units to chase KOMs/QOMs there’s no reason not to join in the fun.


While cycling specific computers are super popular and a great way to keep track of your riding, the current crop of GPS-enabled watches are giving them a run for their money when it comes to feature functionality. Even better, many of the best performers don’t scream ‘I’m a cyclist’ when worn with street clothes.

Not everyone likes to stare at their live stats while riding and there is something to be said for learning to ride by feel. With a GPS watch, all of that data can be recorded and checked occasionally and then analysed post activity.

Like with GPS cycling computers, Garmin dominates the watch market as well, but there are some other top performers.

What to look for