Best of AngryAsian 2014

We highlight some of AngryAsian's most popular 2014 columns

Tech editor James Huang has a satisfyingly nerdy eye for detail when it comes to bikes and never pulls punches in his AngryAsian columns.


This AngryAsian’s penned some greats – investigating the high cost of power meters, demystifying tubeless tyres and cracking open carbon clincher standards – but it was his comparison of road and aero gear that garnered the most reader attention.

One of james’ most popular 2014 columns was about tangible aero benefit:
Chris Yu / Specialized; James Huang / Immediate Media

With a bit of help from Chris Yu at Specialized, James investigates what kind of tangible difference there is between a standard road bike setup compared with an aero road bike with deeper wheels and more aero kit – you might be surprised.

Read the full AngryAsian: Aero differences you can feel column.

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