Best of Home Wrench 2014

The most popular items from Dave Rome's Home Wrench columns

Australian editor Dave Rome is a fully-paid up member of the cycling junkie community – but when not on the bike, it’s in his workshop-based Home Wrench columns that he displays his utter geekiness for bike maintenance.


Home Wrench isn’t a how-to series, but delves into the world of bike maintenance – detailing the tools, tricks and idiosyncrasies of mechanics to keep you in the know. Dave doesn’t just chat about his love of bikes, but the items that help to keep them purring.

This year, he’s covered common items that should be in every home wrench’s workshop and the tools every mountain biker should own, and has waxed lyrical about the humble hex key.

One bit of home-toolery that’s been particularly popular this year has been Dave’s Home Wrench about tools and tricks that help bring peace to rubbing or squealing disc brakes.

Keeping your discs running smoothly is key – home wrench is here to help:
David Rome / Immediate Media

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