Best of Trail Tech 2014

We highlight some of the most popular 2014 Trail Tech columns

Tech editor Josh Patterson is never more at home than when ripping up trails on knobby tyres, so it’s no surprise he’s got opinions on virtually every component that goes into making a good (or bad) mountain bike. 


Among this year’s Trail Tech columns, Josh has explored tubeless tyre setup tips, described exactly what makes current dropper posts rubbish and given his musings on what features suspension forks really need.

One of the columns that got everyone talking recently was Josh’s investigation into the development of 27.5+ tyres – one of the most significant trends we’ll see in mountain biking 2015, according to industry sources.

Josh’s examination of 27.5+ rim / tyre sizing was one of the most popular trail tech columns in 2014:

Read the full Trail Tech: Exploring 27.5+ column.

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