Bike of the Week | Canyon Precede:ON CF 9

Is the Canyon Precede range a vision of our hyper-integrated future?

BikeRadar's Bike of the Week Canyon Precede ON CF9

The Canyon Precede:ON CF 9 is this week’s Bike of the Week and, with its impressive levels of integration and wildly angular Tron-like aesthetic, you could also feasibly call this a vision of the Bike of the Future.


The electric carbon hybrid is built around a Bosch Performance Line CX motor that boasts 85Nm of max torque. The 500Wh integrated battery gives the bike a claimed range of up to 65km, and all other metrics are accessible via Bosch’s latest Kiox display, which is neatly integrated into the one-piece cockpit.

The motor operates in conjunction with the Enviolo Automatic shifting system, which works by first setting your preferred cadence into the head unit. This will then control the motor, providing you with just the right amount of assistance to maintain a comfortable cadence within your pre-determined range.

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Looking back at the cockpit, this one-piece affair goes as far as shrouding the custom-specced TRP brake levers, giving an ultra-clean look. You would also have to be a fairly enterprising thief if you managed to snaffle these.

Out back, a Fizik Essenza saddle sits atop a Canton S25 VCLS seatpost. We have used this seatpost on a huge number of Canyon bikes now and are big fans.

The carbon leaf-spring design gives a genuinely impressive level of rear-end comfort, meaning you’ll hopefully arrive at work with a well-cushioned and un-stressed peachy bot.

BikeRadar's Bike of the Week Canyon Precede ON CF 9
The Enviolo system gives automatic cadence-based shifting.
Russel Burton / Immediate Media

Lights are taken care of by a Supernova Mini 2 Pro headlight, which sits beneath the head unit – again, this is shrouded by the cockpit – and a matching Supernova Universal rear light integrated into the rear mudguard.

BikeRadar's Bike of the Week Canyon Precede ON CF 9
A rear light is integrated into the sturdy alloy mudguards.
Russel Burton / Immediate Media

On that note, no commuter bike worth its (road) salt is complete without mudguards, and the Precede:On CF 9 doesn’t disappoint in this department. The balloon-like 57mm-wide Schwalbe G-One tyres are shrouded by a pair of Wingee Ortlieb QL3.1 alloy mudguards, which look super sturdy and are sure to give years of trouble-free service.

Finally, the bike comes with a matching integrated kickstand, which, as a site run by die-hard kickstand evangelists, thrills us no end.

BikeRadar's Bike of the Week Canyon Precede ON CF 9
The Precede:ON CF 9 is the top-end model in the Precede range.
Russel Burton / Immediate Media

At £4,699 / €4,999, the Canyon Precede:ON CF 9 is definitely one that will only be of interest to the most dedicated of year-round super-duper commuters.

For the rest (some?) of us, the Precede:On CF 8, which shares the same carbon frameset as the top-end model but loses the neat Gates belt drivetrain and Enviolo Automatic shifting, comes in at £3,999 / €4,299.