BikeRadar Meets podcast | GoCycle’s Richard Thorpe on Formula 1, bike design and urban ebikes

Warren chats to the man behind one of cycling's most innovative bike brands

GoCycle GXi folding electric bike

In the latest episode of our BikeRadar Meets podcast series, we talk to Richard Thorpe, the CEO and founder of British bike brand GoCycle.

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BikeRadar’s senior technical editor, Warren Rossiter, chats to Richard about how he went from being a design engineer at Formula One manufacturer McLaren, to creating one of the most innovative urban bikes around.

Richard spent his time at McLaren developing lightweight structures for racing cars and, having previously dabbled in bike design as a hobby, applied that knowledge to GoCycle when the company was launched more than ten years ago.

If you’re not familiar with GoCycle, the electric bike brand started life producing the world’s first injection-moulded magnesium electric folding bike. The company’s most recent innovation, the GoCycle GXi, remains right at the cutting-edge of ebike design and earned four stars in our recent review.

Richard shares his thoughts on all-things GoCycle, from design choices and the challenges of making a bike so unique, to his hopes for cycling as transport and what’s next for GoCycle.

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