Can Jack finally drop Joe? — BikeRadar Diaries episode 11

We put Jack's new-found fitness to the test in the latest episode of BikeRadar Diaries

Jack and Joe have been diligently following their training plans for the last few weeks and, remarkably, Jack has managed to stick to his. The efforts are paying off and the slightest hint of form is creeping into his winter-weary legs.


This led the pair to wonder whether Jack — a full-time on-bike excuse-maker — could finally drop Joe, a dedicated and well-trained amateur racer.

In our latest episode of BikeRadar Diaries, we find out if Jack’s new-found talents are enough to put the heat on Joe.

The pair also talk through their respective training bikes, with Jack’s — an Argon 18 Gallium Pro fitted with Rotor’s unique 1×13 hydraulic groupset — being a particular highlight.


As of writing, Jack and Joe’s training has now come to an end and their retesting date is looming. Will they see an improvement to their fitness and, if so, how much of an improvement? Are there any other daft challenges you’d like the pair to try? Leave your thoughts below!