The three most beautiful custom bikes from the ENVE Builder’s Round-Up

Amazing custom bikes from SaltAir Cycles, Calfee and Rock Lobster

Top 3 most beautiful custom bikes from the ENVE Builder's Round-Up

Last year, ENVE invited the public to its base in Ogden, Utah for its Open House event. As part of this, the brand invited two-dozen custom bike builders to construct bikes replete with ENVE finery to show off the brand’s wares.


The same was planned for this year but, for obvious reasons, was put on hold, with the event moving online.

Dubbed the ENVE Builder’s Round-Up, this year’s event is jam-packed with beautiful bikes of all genres.

We’ve only pulled out a selection of three bikes but the first 11 of 24 bikes can be seen in every luscious lugged, brazed and bonded detail on the ENVE site. Treat yourself for five minutes and daydream about which you would order for yourself.

The eagle-eyed will note a new and unreleased integrated cockpit on the English Cycles bike alongside new tyres from ENVE on certain bikes. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for further details on these.

Rock Lobster Team TIG SL

The Team TIG SL is the only bike in the roundup that features rim brakes, and that alone deserves to be celebrated.

We all know that disc brakes are taking over (thanks to the ongoing efforts by the cycling media Illuminati to ‘force’ them on you) on mainstream road bikes, so the sight of such a handsome and timeless bike can’t help but tug at our collective nostalgic heartstrings.

Brown bikes are also massively underrated, and the deep chocolatey-burgundy-ish finish of this particular bike reveals a subtle sparkle when viewed up close. Very cool.

#savetherimbrake and brown bikes, we say.

Calfee carbon mountain bike

Custom carbon framesets are rare, let alone custom carbon mountain bikes.

Craig Calfee’s bikes are characterised by their almost organic form and his experience working with composites is, in the words of ENVE, “deeper than just about any modern builder”.

This particular bike is an as-of-yet unnamed model. The chainstays are super thin, presumably to build some rear-end squish into the bike, and is matched with ENVE’s new Adventure Fork.

This fork was designed following requests from custom builders for a fork with generous clearances and ample luggage mounts.

SaltAir Cycles All-Road

Based in Salt Lake City, SaltAir Cycles is best known for its cyclocross bikes, but its road bikes are now an increasingly important part of the outfit.

The All-Road is – as the name suggests – SaltAir’s take on the modern road bike, matching lovely classic lines with clearances for gravel-friendly tyres.


We’ll be honest and say the paint job had a strong magpie effect on us and was an unashamed deciding factor when pulling out this particular bike to feature.