Friday five-a-side: this week’s best bike gear

Eurobike and Interbike special: featuring Canyon, Campagnolo, Yeti, Bell and Hope

It’s the end of another working week and that means only one thing here at the BikeRadar office. Yes, as you may have guessed it’s time once again to round up the finest bits of road cycling and mountain biking kit to have passed through our oily fingers.


This week, however, we’re shaking things up a bit (relax, it’s nothing too drastic). As you may be aware we’ve recently spent time at the Eurobike and Interbike trade shows, so we’ve compiled today’s selection from some of the most mouthwatering items we encountered there…

New road bike gear

Canyon Aeroad CF SLX

Canyon aeroad cf slx:
BikeRadar / Immediate Media

Canyon’s Aeroad has been redesigned as the Aeroad CF SLX for 2015 and features several significant upgrades over the previous model. While the original suffered from a little rearward flex, the new Aeroad CF SLX is designed to be stiffer, lighter and more aero.The tubes are more angular and muscular looking for 2015, with the whole machine being much more in keeping with Canyon’s Speedmax TT bike, including a wheelhugging cut-out on the seat tube. Direct mount brakes incorporated into the Aeroad’s design are more aerodynamic than traditional calipers, though Canyon keeps the rear brake at the top of the seatstays for maximum practicality. Check out our full first look of the Canyon Aeroad CF SLX.

Pricing TBA

Campagnolo Bora 50 carbon wheelset

Campagnolo bora 50 carbon wheelset:
BikeRadar / Immediate Media

Introducing the freshly revamped Bora 50 carbon wheelset from Campagnolo, which gets a new 17mm-wide (internal width) rim for the full-carbon clincher version while the tubular grows from 20.5mm across to a much healthier 24.2mm. Campagnolo says this not only improves aerodynamic performance but it also lends better casing support for the higher-volume rubber that even top pros now prefer. Even the graphics receive an upgrade in the form of water transfer decals, which are more durable than traditional stickers and saves 15g.Claimed weight for the Bora Ultra 50 tubulars is just 1,267g, while the Bora One 50 clinchers come in at 1,313g.Full details available here.

Pricing TBA

Lupine Rotlicht rear light

Lupine rotlicht rear light:
BikeRadar / Immediate Media

Lupine’s new Rotlicht (German for ‘red light’) LED rear light packs a whopping 160 lumens of visibility into its tiny aluminum housing – more than what many commuters use up front. Integrated smart electronics helps make the most of that output, too, with an onboard accelerometer that boosts brightness when you slow down (effectively making for a brake light) and a built-in brightness sensor that not only adjusts for ambient light but knows when a car is approaching.Lupine claims a 90-minute run time at the highest setting or up to 20 hours on flashing mode, depending on conditions. Claimed weight is just 55g.


Turbine nostril expander

Turbine nostril expander:
BikeRadar / Immediate Media

The Turbine is a product out of Melbourne, Australia – which the company claims increases oxygen intake and therefore power output by a a substantial measure. Turbine also says Team Sky’s Chris Froome is using it at the Vuelta a España now.What is wrong with breathing through your mouth to get more air, you ask? The company says that breathing through your nose ultimately uses less energy than breathing through your mouth, as your nasal passages filter, humidify and warm air to a condition better suited to be processed by your lungs.

Three-pack £16.58 / US$27.09 / AUS29.90

Wishbone 3 in 1 Recycled Edition bike

Wishbone 3 in 1 pre bike – recycled edition:
BikeRadar / Immediate Media

The Wishbone recycled edition childs’ trike/bike can be adapted as its rider grows, allowing it to accommodate children from one to five years of age.. it’s also made from 100% recycled plastic!£180 / US$229 / AU$269

New mountain bike gear

Yeti sb6c:
BikeRadar / Immediate Media

Yeti SB6c

Yeti Cycles chose Eurobike to officially pull the covers off its new enduro race bike, the SB6c. The company didn’t bother to keep its development much of a secret, preferring to let riders get a look at the new model while it was being ridden to multiple wins — and the series championship — at this year’s Enduro World Series by Jared Graves.The SB6c features 157mm of rear wheel travel via the company’s Switch Infinity suspension system, which first introduced in conjunction with the shorter-travel SB5c several months ago. It will be offered in five sizes and will be available this October.

From US$7,399. UK and AUS pricing TBA

Bell Super 2R

Bell super 2r helmet:
BikeRadar / Immediate Media

The new Super R2 is an updated and adaptable version of Bell’s popular Super lid. It’s sold with a detachable chin piece, meaning the R2 can switch from the role of open to full face helmet in just a few seconds. It’s also lighter than its predecessor has an improved GoPro mount and will soon be available in a MIPS version. For full details on the Super 2R check out our first look. A non-MIPS Super 2R will retail for £150 (other countries’ prices TBA).

American Classic Carbonator wheelset

American classic carbonator wheelset:
BikeRadar / Immediate Media

American Classic launched its first carbon mountain bike wheels at Eurobike. Aptly named ‘Carbonator’, the new wheels don’t offer any weight advantage over the current Wide Lightning alloy models but are supposedly noticeably stiffer for riders that want more handling precision.

The custom rims feature a hookless shape with a tubeless-ready profile, plus a reasonably wide 26mm inner width that should work well for general trail riding and racing. Claimed weight for the 27.5in version is 1,599g, while 29ers are slightly heavier at 1,676g. Both will be available from January. 

US$1,799 per set

EGG kids’ multisport helmet

EGG kids’ multisport helmet:
BikeRadar / Immediate Media

The Dutch company EGG has an innovative multisport helmet with a variety of playful skins that can be pulled over it. The helmets double as ski and bike helmets, so you can increase the life of what will be soon outgrown. The helmets use four materials for safety, collectively dubbed ‘Flexible Adaptive Sandwich Technology’, since the helmet is somewhat flexible. EGG helmets have an ABS outer shell, with EPP and EVA cores and an air bladder that can be pumped up with a finger.£59.99


Hope cranks

Hope cranks:
BikeRadar / Immediate Media

Hope has also finally confirmed its long-awaited crank, more than five years since the firm first teased a prototype design. Primarily designed for use as part of a single-ring transmission, the design features a splined spider, which makes it compatible with multi-ring or bashguard-equipped setups.

Don’t look too closely though, because Hope has made a last-minute change for production that means the polygon axle interface shown in our pictures won’t make it to production – instead it’ll use a unique splined axle and locking mechanism.

Hope says that once released, it’ll be compatible with most bottom bracket systems, and will be available in November.

Price TBA