Friday Five-a-side: this week’s new bike gear

Featuring 3T, Pivot, Transition, Kinetic, Alpinestars and more

Friday is upon us again and so comes our regular look at the latest road and MTB gear to arrive at BikeRadar towers in Friday five-a-side.


Bikes, frames, wheels, jerseys, gloves, accessories and nutrition all play their part in a strong blend of road and mountain bike goodness this week.

New road bike gear

3T Orbis C40 LTD wheels

The 3T Orbis C40 LTD wheels are claimed to be more aero and lighter than their Enve and Zipp equivalents
The 3t orbis c40 ltd wheels are claimed to be more aero and lighter than their enve and zipp equivilents:
Oli Woodman / BikeRadar

The latest wind tunnel-derived aero innovation from 3T is the company’s Orbis range. This 43mm deep carbon clincher wheelset (there’s also a 63mm set) is claimed to be more aero than Enve’s 3.4 and Zipp’s 303 Firecrest wheels while being the lightest of this trio at a claimed weight of 1,610g. The 23mm rim continues the ‘wider equals faster’ ethos we’ve seen over the last few years. Sapim CX-Ray spokes (18 front, 24 rear) are laced from rim to hub to reduce rotational weight, and 3T says that braking is boosted thanks to a high temperature resin in the brake track. The Multisys freehub also means both Campagnolo and Shimano/SRAM cassettes are compatible. You can also upgrade to CeramicSpeed bearings if you want even silkier smoothness.

£ TBC / US$1,126 (front), US$1,540 (rear) / AU$ TBC / €1,080 (front), €1,320 (rear)

Boardman AiR TTE 9.8

Boardman's AiR TTE 9.8 is the company's top TT frame
Boardman’s air tte 9.8 is the company’s top tt frame:
Oli Woodman / BikeRadar

The Boardman AiR TTE 9.8 is the company’s top end TT bike. We checked out the 9.2 recently, but this is something really special. It’s CFD and wind tunnel tested, Boardman doing everything to make this the fastest bike it could possibly be. This included integrating all cabling, the brakes and even minimising bolts that could disrupt smooth airflow. This version is actually the Ultegra Di2 version – but with a wheel upgrade – that Boardman was showing off in Hawaii for this year’s Ironman World Championships. Units are currently landing with Boardman, so expect to see more of these UCI-legal speed beasts on the TT circuit in 2015.

£4,999 / US$7,499 / AU$ TBC (with Shimano RS31 wheels)

Kinetic Z-Rollers

Kinetic's Z-Rollers are a simple, robust feeling design
Kinetic’s z-rollers are a simple, robust feeling design:
Oli Woodman / BikeRadar

Kinetic is best known for its range of inertia simulating turbo trainers that rock (and roll) to and fro while you pedal to give a road-like feel. While the company’s Z-Rollers are fairly traditional in their design, they look great and the build quality is obvious. The Z-Rollers have machined alloy drums, premium bearings and a lightweight alloy frame that folds into thirds for easy storage or chucking in the car to take to races. There’s no additional resistance here – rollers are designed to improve balance so, if you’re thinking of trying them out, we’d recommend doing your first few sessions between a doorway to ensure you can steady yourself and avoid overbalancing until you’ve got the knack of them.

£275 / US$309 / AU$459.99

Pocpac Stealth Tool Pouch and iPac 3

Pocpac's pouches are great value, simple and practical designs
Pocpac’s pouches are great value, simple and practical designs:
Oli Woodman / BikeRadar

Pocpac touts its third generation Tool Pouch as ‘the ultimate storage for your cycling essentials’, but we just love its simplicity. The weatherproof ziplock container is designed to fit a CO2 adapter, CO2 cartridge, two tyre levers and a road tube. Silhouettes of these essential items are printed onto the inside of the Pocpac so you don’t forget anything, but we reckon you’d be able to squeeze a small multi-tool in there too. A central divider keeps cash, credit cards and ID separate. The stealth in the name refers purely to the black material, but that said, it’s a pretty compact and light-weight jersey pocket solution, so it is less conspicuous than a saddle bag. A larger MTB option is also available.

Complementing the Tool Pouch nicely, the iPac is a smaller zipped pouch designed to fit an iPhone 5s, or any similarly sized smartphone, keeping it safe from rain, snow, mud and sweat while also allowing use of the touchscreen once inside. There’s even a window on the back to allow snappy snaps without removal of the phone from is protective shroud. If you carry a monster like the new iPhone 6, the iPac 3X will sort you out too.

£9.99 / US$ NA / AU$ NA, £7.99 / US$ NA / AU$ NA

SiS Mint Rego Protein Bar

Like a big chewy After Eight, these tasty, filling bars were eaten immediately after photography
Like a big chewy after eight, these tasty, filling bars were eaten immediately after photography:
Oli Woodman / BikeRadar

As you might’ve guessed from the name, SiS’s Rego Protein Bar gives you all the post-tough ride recovery goodness you need with 219 calories, 6.5g of fat, 20g of carbs, 20g of protein and 0.3g of salt – all a growing cyclist needs! It’s not really the instant pick-me up, hunger-stifling nature of the bars that matters though; it’s the surprisingly tasty minty, dark chocolate taste. In fact, it’s one of the only protein bars we’ve managed to get through recently in one sitting. So if you like the sound of a giant, chewy After Eight following your sessions, give it a go.

£35.99 (box of 20) / US$, AU$ TBC

New mountain bike gear

Transition Scout 1

Blurring the middle ground between slopestyle and all-mountain - the Transition Scout 1
Blurring the middle ground between slopestyle and all-mountain – the transition scout 1:
Oli Woodman / BikeRadar

Blurring the divide between slopestyle and all-mountain, the Scout represents the perfect bike for those that neither need nor want 160mm of travel, yet still crave the characteristics and stability of a bike with progressive geometry. A long front centre and short rear with 125mm of rear travel equate to a bike that sees every rock and root as a potential obstacle to have fun with.

£3,899.95 / US$4,899 / AU$ TBC,

Pivot Phoenix frame

The Pivot's luminous green paint job makes it stand out as you flash down trails
The pivot’s luminous green paintjob makes it stand out as you flash down trails:
Oli Woodman / BikeRadar

With inspiration and manufacturing techniques taken directly from Pivot’s short travel bikes, and thanks to a full carbon frame, the new Phoenix weighs in at a claimed 3.2kg/7.11lb – making it one of the lightest DH frames currently available. This DW-Link equipped 27.5in specific race machine is available in four sizes and two tones with Saint equipped bikes coming in at a staggering 33.5lbs.

£2700 / US$3,250 / AU$3,699 (frame only),

Alpinestars All Mountain jacket

Alpinestars' All Mountain jacket has a waterproof and breathable ripstop outer shell
Alpinestars’s all mountain jacket has a waterproof and breathable rip-stop outer shell:
Oli Woodman / BikeRadar

Combining a waterproof and breathable rip-stop outer shell with water resistant zippers, taped seams and a massive hood, the Alpinestars All Mountain jacket helps to keep the elements at bay while the ultra lightweight build and adjustable waistband, collar and cuffs allow for a comfortable and customisable fit.

£169.99 / US$199.95 / AU$249.99,

Acre Supply The District jersey

Merino and stylish looks make this jersey from Acre Supply a winner
Merino and stylish looks make this jersey from acre supply a winner:
Oli Woodman / BikeRadar

Made in the USA, Acre Supply’s The District jersey makes full use of merino wool’s ability to naturally regulate body temperature when it’s both hot and cold, while resisting smell and stretching as you move around on the bike. A trio of aluminium ribbon buttons finishes off this stylish shirt, making The District look like the perfect companion for those who appreciate the finer the things in life.

£TBC / US$139 / AU$TBC

Pinnacle Ramin One

The Pinnacle Ramin One offers uncomplicated fun for rough commuting
The pinnacle ramin one offers uncomplicated fun for rough commuting:
Oli Woodman / BikeRadar

With simplicity and fun at its core, the Pinnacle Ramin combines a minimalistic 1×9 transmission with a full rigid alloy frame and fast rolling 29in wheels, making it the perfect partner to fun-oriented commutes, winter hacking or just getting out and focusing on the trail in front of you.

£500 / US$TBC / AU$TBC