Friday five-a-side: this week’s new bike gear 24/04/15

Bikes from Trek and Canyon, kit from Endura and Flare, and more

No, you’re not imagining it, it’s Friday! You need a little pick-me-up to get through the remaining hours of the working week, so kick back and enjoy 10 of the latest products to land on our desks (okay, sometimes not directly on them) at BikeRadar‘s UK HQ.


New road bike gear

Trek 920 Disc

Trek 920 disc: trek 920 disc

Is it a road bike? A 29er? A (shudder) gravel grinder? No one knows, but the 920 is clearly built for the rough, and with front and rear racks as standard it’s meant for load-lugging. Braking comes courtesy of TRP’s rather excellent Hylex hydraulic brakes, and shifting via bar-ends that will warm the cockles of touring types everywhere. It’s geared properly too, with 42/28T cranks and a 36T big sprocket on the cassette.

£1375 / US$2089.99 / AU$2199

Tacx multitools

Tacx multitools: tacx multitools

Tacx might be best known for its turbo trainers and rollers, but the company makes a huge range of handy tools and accessories too. The catchily-named ‘Mini Allen key set’ has all the basic tools you need stashed within, along with a pair of tyre levers that clip on the outside. The equally literal ‘Mini Allen key set & chain rivet extractor’ is similarly equipped but (spoiler alert) also has a chain tool. Both tools are appealingly slim and compact, perfect for slipping in a jersey pocket.

Pricing TBC

Endura Classics jersey

Endura equipe classics jersey: endura equipe classics jersey

Since the emergence of the Castelli Gabba and its adoption by pros the world over, clothing manufacturers have been falling over themselves to produce decent rivals. The Classics jersey from Endura looks like it might be a strong contender. Developed in partnership with team Movistar, it’s a waterproof, windproof short sleeved jersey with a proper aero fit. It comes with its own equally close fitting arm warmers, and incorporates some really smart features like a hi-vis tail that unfolds at the rear, perfect for keeping the spray at bay, and drain holes in the pockets for when the weather really has it in for you.

£139.99 / US$TBC / AU$TBC

Cycling Souvenirs espresso cups

Cycling souvenirs espresso cups: cycling souvenirs espresso cups

It’s always tricky buying gifts for cyclists, especially those that you like, but who aren’t sufficiently deserving  for you to buy them a bicycle, or a nice set of wheels. Cycling Souvenirs may be your saviour, offering a huge range of coffee cups, trinkets and assorted memorabilia. These Grand Tour themed espresso cups are part of a new range that includes cappuccino cups and mugs as well, and mighty stylish they look too.

£50 / US$76 / AU$97 for a four-cup set – ships worldwide

GripGrab hi-vis armwarmers

GripGrab arm warmers: gripgrab arm warmers

Danish company GripGrab started as the side project of three brothers at university, and grew into a full-scale accessory brand. For obvious reasons (and ones this photo doesn’t quite do justice to), these hi-vis arm warmers caught our eye. They’re part of a whole range of hi-vis kit that includes matching leg warmers, perfect for early morning commutes that are a little too chilly to go ‘full-roadie’.

£29.95 / US$TBC / AU$TBC

New mountain bike gear

Canyon Torque DHX Rockzone

Canyon torque dhx: canyon torque dhx

The Torque DHX is the sort of bike that garners kudos from angry young men with flat caps and ear-splitting aftermarket exhausts on their 15 year-old Volkswagen Polos. It’s big, brash and built for big hits and, as ever, Canyon gives you a damned good spec for your money, including a RockShox Boxxer Team fork, SRAM X01 DH shifting kit and Guide RS brakes. If you like your thrills gravity-driven, this might be worth a look.

£2399 / US$NA / AU$NA

Topeak JoeBlow FAT pump

Topeak joeblow fat: topeak joeblow fat

Fat bike tyres feature huge volumes but very low pressures; 3-5psi isn’t uncommon and changes of a single psi can have huge changes in ride performance. As such, few pumps (or even analog gauges) offer sufficient resolution to get an accurate reading, plus their standard barrel sizes means it can take forever just to get the things inflated. The new Topeak JoeBlow FAT is purpose-built for the task with a large-diameter body and a gauge that tops out at 30psi with half-psi resolution.

£39.99 / US$TBC / AU$TBC

Dainese Pro Pack

Dainese pro pack: dainese pro pack

Need a back protector but not enduro enough to rock a fanny pack for storage? Dainese’s Pro Pack can be used as a back protector with some minimal carrying capacity, or as a full-on 12l rucksack when you add the zip-on extra section.

£159 / US$199.99 / AU$TBC / €189

Flare Rider Co jerseys

Flare ride co jerseys: flare ride co jerseys

Do you don the pyjamas of gnar? Are you a fashion conscious sort of chap or chapess? Flare Rider Co sent us these rather nice jerseys, perfect for the days when it’s not just the wheat getting shredded.

  • Roost Downhill Jersey Graphic – £45 / US$TBC / AU$TBC
  • Stage Enduro Jersey Classic – £50 / US$TBC / AU$TBC

Mudhugger FR mudguard

Mudhugger fr mudguard: mudhugger fr mudguard

UK firm Mudhugger already produces a successful range of neat ziptie-on guards for mud lovers, but they saw room for improvement in their existing design for the front end. The new Mudhugger FR (expected to be available late April) offers more coverage, compatibility with more tyre/fork combinations, and will be manufactured entirely in the UK. This one is a pre-production sample so the finish is a little rough but rest assured, the final product will look as smart as previous versions.

£25 / $USTBC / AU$TBC