Heads-up display set to revolutionise cycling

How the technology will enhance the cycling experience

Recon Jet heads-up display glasses could be available before the end of the year

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Heads-up displays are coming to cycling. By the end of the year, riders will be able to view speed, distance and power data projected onto a corner of their sunglasses lens, meaning they won’t have to take their eye off a corner or that sketchy stretch of trail to check vital data on their bar-mounted computer.

And whatever data cyclists collect on their smartphone or measure via wireless ANT+ or Bluetooth® operating hardware (for example, text messages, heart rate data and even turn-by-turn GPS instructions) it will be delivered quickly and safely right into a cyclist’s field of vision. For technology hungry cyclists it’s a step into the future they can almost make today – and they certainly will be able to by the end of the year. It’s nothing short of a revolution that will massively enhance rider’s enjoyment of the sport they love.

Car technology

While most cyclists are still yet to experience the benefit a heads-up display and extra connectivity can give them on the road, all-new Mazda3 drivers will be fully aware of the enhanced involvement offered by such technology.

Fitted with an array of technology, including a heads-up display* showing speed and GPS navigation, and advanced Bluetooth® connectivity that brings a user’s smartphone functionality safely inside the cabin, the all-new Mazda3 is already streets ahead of the competition.

The more connected a driver feels the more they enjoy the experience. All-new Mazda3 drivers are able to safely communicate, navigate and be entertained by the advanced MZD Connect – Mazda’s new infotainment and connectivity system, which delivers internet connectivity to the driver’s fingertips. Social media updates can be audio streamed into the car and the driver has access to thousands of internet radio stations, audiobooks and music via the AHA smartphone app or Stitcher Radio. And best of all, they enjoy all this without it being a moment’s distraction from either the road ahead or the thrilling performance of the car itself.

George Hincapie

In terms of cycling, George Hincapie, one of America’s most recognisable cyclists, although retired, is a passionate believer in the heads-up display technology for bikes. He is enthused by its tech offering, which can include HD camera, accelerometers, altimeters and supplying information directly into a pair of sunglasses.

When the shades were launched (by manufacturer Recon Jet) last year, Hincapie said: “Most athletes are obsessed with their numbers. This is a great way to enhance your focus on the road and get your information instantly.

“It will make a tremendous difference for cyclists not to have to look down at their bike computer or smartphone for data, taking their focus away from their activity.”

We’ll patiently wait to see how the technology is received by cyclists and you can check BikeRadar for regular updates.

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*Available on all-new Mazda3 Sport Nav models only