How fast can you change an inner tube? We had a race to find out

BikeRadar takes on Haynes in final showdown

How fast do you reckon it’s possible to change a bicycle inner tube? We pitted our fastest staffer Jack Luke against Haynes’ top mechanic Chaz Curry to find out who was fastest and to mark the launch of the new BikeRadar and Haynes Road Bike Manual app.


Naturally a race needs rules, so we stipulated that it had to be a 700c road wheel with a tyre of 28mm or less, and the time needed to include the whole process from start to finish, including wheel removal and reinstallation, and pumping the the tyre back up to 80psi.

Watch the video to find out how we (and Chaz) got on.


Want to learn more about fixing your bike? BikeRadar has teamed up with Haynes to release The Road Bike Manual app for iOS and Android, a comprehensive guide to maintaining your bike. Get it on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store

See how BikeRadar fared against Haynes’ top mechanic