Top 3 GBDuro bikes – tech gallery | Including Mark Beaumont’s Argon 18 Dark Matter

The bikes ridden by the top three riders at this year's edition of the epic 2,000km bikepacking race

GBDuro is one of the UK’s toughest self-supported bikepacking races, taking in the length of the country from Land’s End to John o’ Groats on a meandering 1,970km route of “road, gravel, singletrack, and everything in between”.


Organised by The Racing Collective, the race is run in an enduro format, with riders tackling the ride in four timed stages (each a whopping 500km long). The lowest cumulative overall time across each of these stages is declared the winner.

This year’s race was won by Mark Beaumont – the current record holder for a supported circumnavigation of the globe by bicycle – in a time of 135 hours and 24 minutes.

Ollie Hayward came second and Jaimi Wilson then took third, simultaneously taking the top spot in the solo women’s category.

The race was not without drama, with Angus Young – who was leading the race for much of the event – eventually being disqualified for taking support from a dot-watcher who lent him his bike after a serious mechanical failure.

Ollie Hayward’s Reilly Gradient GBDuro tech gallery
Choosing dependable kit, which can often involve mods or custom parts, is key to success in bikepacking races.
Tommy Check

Choosing dependable and trusted kit is key to success in long-distance racing, which can often lead to riders running a wide variety of different setups (as we saw in our tech gallery from the Highland Trail 550 earlier this year).

However, all three of the top riders met some consensus, with drop-bar gravel bikes dominating the event.

Nonetheless, every setup is unique to each, which makes for fascinating viewing for us tech-obsessed armchair bikepackers. Scroll through for every nerdy detail.

1st place – Mark Beaumont’s Argon 18 Dark Matter