Reivers Way 282km coast to coast challenge

Our intrepid duo are back to take on their latest challenge, riding the 282km Reivers Way coast to coast ride in a day

Jack and Joe took on their toughest challenge yet when they attempted the 282km Reivers Way coast to coast epic in a day.


Starting on the west coast at Whitehaven in the north of England, the route skirts across the Lake District before passing through Carlisle on the way to the Scottish border at Kielder Forest.

After a brutal 20-mile stretch of gravel, there’s a relatively easy run in to the finish on the east coast at Tynemouth. It’s a classic coast to coast route, and completing it in a day is a tough task for any cyclist.

Will they manage the 282kms before nightfall? Will Jack earn his finisher’s beer? You’ll have to watch to find out.


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