Top five MTBers on Instagram – video

Find off-road inspiration in square picture form with these five great riders

Love it or hate it, Instagram is the ideal platform for sharing the world around you… and that includes moments of biking goodness captured in time (but not pictures of lunch!).


There are a few mountain bikers who get it right – and their square framed takes on life are definitely worth a press of the follow button.

Here are five people that all mountain bikers should follow on Instagram:


Aaron Gwin – @aarongwin1

With the new season looming and a brand new bike to ride, Aaron Gwin’s feed delivers a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to be one of the fastest downhill riders in the world.

He’s guilty of the of the odd Insta-cliché such as selfies, plate-shots and cats, but there are plenty of spectacular photos make up for it.

And who knows, he might even be posting up some medals pretty soon.

Hannah Barnes – @hannahbarnes66

Thanks to her various sponsorships, Hannah Barnes gets to ride bikes in some of the most amazing parts of the world – so her Instagram account offers perfect inspiration during a dull day in the office.

She’s also an A&E nurse, which means her riding mates can expect trail-side first-aid that’s second to none.

Hannah isn’t above posting the odd breakfast-shot, but there’s something heartening about a pro rider who’s living the life, while also holding down a day job.

Sven Martin – @svenmartinphoto

When he’s not out shooting magazine features, pro photographer Sven Martin can be found on the World Cup circuit, or capturing the top riders in some quite incredible locations.

If you’re looking for an insider’s take on the pro scene or just like seeing some amazing photos, Sven’s your man.

If this feed doesn’t inspire you to get out and ride in some far away lands, there’s no hope.

Bernard Kerr @bernard_kerr

Speaking of MBUK cover shots… UK rider Bernard Kerr is no stranger to those himself.

The young British rider hasn’t had that much success on the World Cup scene, but that’s not to say he’s lacking skills…

Skills like a rolling endo… and we aren’t just talking on the flat here. It’s worth hitting follow to see him land jumps and take berms on just one hoop, like a crazy unicyclist… except with the rest of the bike attached.

Hans Rey – @hansnowayrey

In the days before trials riding was done on road bikes, to watch video content you needed something called a ‘cassette tape’ that went in a ‘VHS player’.

Many contained German riders, but none were as impressive as the legendary Hans Rey.

First winning at world level in 1989, Hans is now well past retirement age and still riding bikes all over the globe.

If you’re too young to remember the heyday of Hans ‘No way’ Ray then you missed out, but thanks to Instagram you still have the chance to check-in on the life of an inspirational rider.


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