Top five road bike accessories – video

From sensible to sci-fi, we profile five of next year's most interesting innovations

Five of the best road bike accessories (yes, we know there are only four in this pic)

From trickle-down power meters to intelligent wheels, this year’s Eurobike and Interbike events showcased some amazing new technology that could change how we ride in the future.


Practical advancements in saddle selection meet an alarmed time trial helmet in our latest top five road bike accessories video. Check it out below.


Video: Top five road bike accessories

Naturally, this year’s shows were also about the best new bikes on the horizon. We’ve highlighted plenty of genres including aero road bikesTT bikes and cross-country mountain bikes, as well as our ever-popular weird and wonderful collection.


Which of these road-biking accessories would you want to add to your stable? Let us know in the comments below.