New Push ELEVENSIX rear shock requires “no setup”

American company’s latest coil shock offers a host of high-tech features

ELEVENSIX rear shock for 2020 from Push Industries

When American brand Push Industries first introduced its ELEVENSIX rear shock in 2015, it was a product that offered simple setup customisation and excellent performance, albeit with a high price-tag.


Push has now updated the ELEVENSIX for 2020 with further improvements to the product itself and, it says, it now comes pre-tuned for you and your bike with “no setup necessary”.

The ELEVENSIX is a coil shock made for all-round mountain biking and all that might encompass: trail, enduro, bike park, all-mountain, downhill laps – basically it’s a shock for everyday riding.

ELEVENSIX rear shock for 2020 from Push Industries
Push Industries’ 2020 ELEVENSIX mountain bike rear shock.
Push Industries

It is clearly built to be able to cope with the most demanding riding: it features a large volume reservoir and internal floating piston, a new hydraulic bottom-out control and also comes with a new “Hypercoil” progressive spring that Push has developed with Hyperco, a leading spring manufacturer.

All of this should help with small bump sensitivity while minimising harsh bottom-outs, giving the bike’s suspension an endless feel.

High price, great attention to detail

Something that hasn’t changed is the high price, with the shock costing £1,300 / $1,200.

In the case of the ELEVENSIX, the high price is easier to justify. All of Push Industries’ products are made at its base in Colorado, USA, with the machining and assembly handled under the company’s own roof.

ELEVENSIX rear shock for 2020 from Push Industries
Neat details such as the spherical bearing eyelet mounts ensure optimal performance.
Push Industries

The ELEVENSIX comes with a raft of details that aren’t found on less pricey alternatives, too.

For example, a spring bearing allows the spring to twist during the shock’s stroke, improving sensitivity. Custom spherical bearing eyelet mounts mean the shock is unaffected by extra friction caused by the bike contorting under compression.

Improved performance

The ELEVENSIX’s damping piston has also seen an update, with its compression and rebound port profiles remodelled for “smoother [oil] flow and an increase in damper response leading to a more controlled ride”.

Push’s patented Dual Overhead Compression Valve means you preset two completely different compression settings (via the low- and high-speed compression dials) and can change between them at the flick of a switch.

This is much like other manufacturers’ climb/descend modes, except you are in control of the settings.

Expert tunes for everyone

Possibly the most exciting part of the shock’s relaunch is Push’s “no setup necessary” claim.

Push says its engineers have gone out and tested a large number of bikes for “countless hours … riding each individual bike”, using “advanced diagnostic tools” to come up with a tune that is claimed to be perfect for every bike.

The company is now offering pre-tuned shocks for specific bike models and riders. This means that when ordering an ELEVENSIX you go onto the Push website, select a bike brand (currently 10 manufacturers are listed) and model, enter your weight with riding kit and select your riding style. Then, Push prepares a shock for you based on this information.

Push ELEVENSIX models and details

ELEVENSIX rear shock for 2020 from Push Industries
The ELEVENSIX has several specific model offerings for ebikes, fixed yoke frame designs and a “Micro” version designed for the Evil Following bike.
Push Industries

There are several different options available under the ELEVENSIX family of shocks, including an ebike model, an ‘HD’ option with high-strength steel shaft for fixed yoke bikes, plus a Micro version, which is much more compact and made specifically for Evil’s popular bike the Following.

  • Available in Standard Eyelet and Trunnion Mount
  • Metric sizes only
  • HD model featuring Melonite QPQ high strength steel shaft
  • Micro model features lightweight compact design (Evil Following)
  • Patented Dual Overhead Compression Valve System with increased range
  • Four port symmetrical Progressive Damping Piston
  • Independent Hydraulic Bottom Out Piston
  • Spherical bearing eyelet mounts
  • High-Volume Low-Pressure Reservoir System (90psi)
  • 25 clicks of external low-speed compression adjustment
  • 25 clicks of external high-speed compression adjustment
  • 18 clicks of external low-speed rebound adjustment
  • Ultralight Hybrid HyperCoil progressive spring system
  • Engineered specifically for each bike’s unique suspension characteristic
  • Motorex 3D Response Technology Oil
  • Manufactured and hand assembled by PUSH in Colorado
  • £1,300 / $1,200